So, Mastodon has local timelines, and a federated timeline, but what is a “public timeline”, and what’s the opposite of that? A “private timeline”? If something is posted Unlisted (“Do not show in public timelines”), where *does* it show up?


OK, I read the frikkin manual:

“Unlisted toots are public, except that they do not appear in the public timelines or search results. They are visible to anyone following you and appear on your profile page to the public even without a Mastodon login.”

That’s some confusing language there. They’re public, but don’t show up in the public timeline?

@avram they also show up in google search, you can do some trials with "site:"<instance naam> in order not to be too swamped with results

@avram think of it as non-advertised, as opposed to a public toot advertised to the local and federated timelines.

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