@shinesurge And Tolkien used the conceit that he was translating a found work into English. He used modern month-names in the text, then stuffed all his world-buildy invented stuff into appendices.

@shinesurge It’s weird, the things that bug us.

If an invented world has a Wednesday and a Thursday, I expect there to be a Germanic culture around, worshiping Odin and Thor.

But if someone talks about martial arts in a jovial tone, I don’t have the same expectation about a Roman culture, worshiping Mars or Jupiter.

Some I ordered from Funagain.com (they’re shutting down their online biz, so prices are low, but shipping is $15):

• Smile
• Dale of Merchants (original & 2)
• Capital Lux

@mala I was thinking you might have picked a good time to take a Twitter vacation.

@thomas Trump tweeted this about three hours ago (shortly after midnight, Washington DC time), and hasn’t followed up: mastodon.social/media/IPeKLQxT

Has the “covfefe” thing hit Mastodon yet?

"All these moments will be lost in time, like... chariots... of... fire..."

its the year 2050. for 10 years your retinal implant has been blinking 12:00 because the company decided to stop supporting it

not joking here. serious post. if it becomes impossible to block ads at some point i'll just end up browsing the web like stallman does, furiously tapping the hook switch on a 1950s bell telephone to approximate V.32 9.6 kbps frequency/phase shift keying, with the telephone's audio output connected to one of those seismogram plotters. this will give me a paper copy that i can annotate & peruse at my leisure (ie write in the data in pencil, mark the start of packets with a highlighter)

In the mastodon justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups: the police, who investigate memes; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the shitposters. These are their stories.

In A.D. 2017, meme was beginning 

It’s been 

í can't believe y'all international mastodon users are gonna make me learn three new languages at the same time

a fork of Android where every time an app asks you to rate it, it rates it 1 star and then uninstalls the app

For fuck's sake, why can't I just tab straight from text entry to the "TOOT!" button or use a keyboard shortcut? Having to touch my mouse to shitpost is majorly dampening my shitpost efficiency

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