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Avram Grumer ✅ @avram@mastodon.social

OK, I read the frikkin manual: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

“Unlisted toots are public, except that they do not appear in the public timelines or search results. They are visible to anyone following you and appear on your profile page to the public even without a Mastodon login.”

That’s some confusing language there. They’re public, but don’t show up in the public timeline?

So, Mastodon has local timelines, and a federated timeline, but what is a “public timeline”, and what’s the opposite of that? A “private timeline”? If something is posted Unlisted (“Do not show in public timelines”), where *does* it show up?

my other favorite thing is asking students "how many vowels are there in English?" and then they all say "five" and then I write on the board "beet, bit, bet, bait, bat, bought, boat, boot, but (also book)..."

we're at the moment I love in a movment, when people ask "who is in charge of X" and you say, simplifying, erasing, but with hope, "no-one!"

it was favourite moment when the Net went mainstream, it was my favourite moment when introducing people to Noisebridge.

You have to alternate "no-one is in charge!" with "you are in charge!" with "everyone is in charge!" with "it's complicated and emerging"

If inexpensive, pocket-sized are something you’re interested in, check out Button Shy’s latest Wallet Games : kickstarter.com/projects/23930

Yesterday my rewards showed up for the Universal Rule kickstarter by Button Shy Games. That’s Chip Beauvais’s UNIVERSAL RULE, a pocket-sized 4X game for 3–5 players, plus a couple of expansions for that game; and the latest set of cards for TWIN STARS, a solo game by Jason Tagmire and Mike Mullins.


My girlfriend points out that Mastodon already looks more alive than Ello ever did.

Aaaaand a couple new things: @foo links to the user with the handle foo on your instance, and (I think) only works if the reader is reading on the same instance. instance/@foo only works as a link with the https-colon-slash-slash in front of it.

So, here’s a thing I just noticed:

The toot I just tooted, about 5–7 things? I got it from social.targaryen.house/@chrisgrace, who credited it to “@HedgeMage”, with no instance marker. That’s a Twitter habit, but doesn’t work on Mastodon, where there could be any number of people on different instances with the same handle. I tracked down which HedgeMage seemed to be the originator, but I think there needs to be an easy automated way of quoting a Mastodon user with the instance intact.

Great idea from maly.io/@HedgeMage

“Let’s play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5–7 things that interest you but aren’t in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

Proposition: The Mastodon equivalent of shit-posting should be called “poop-tooting.”

The real value add of Mastodon is giving everyone an excuse to finally put something on all the weird domains they've been squatting

Nice thing about checking out the federated timeline now (~4–5 AM NYC time) is that a lot of the active users are French, so I get to practice translating.

the great thing about open source is that instead of screaming into the void and then receiving bad features you never asked for, everything is broken but you shrug it off because no one has any money anyways

*gesturing around*
Savor it folks, this is what it's like to witness the birth of a new social network
*shitposting everywhere, servers keep crashing, everyone's a furry*
and it's just as beautiful as a human birth

Do you remember that sense of opening, expansion, growth? That time when possibilities multiplied instead of closing down?

The explosion when a new platform arrives, for instance, before the winners consume everything. When we might have Plurked instead of Tweeted. When we greet new people with outstretched hands instead of needing to cross our arms and huddle up to protect ourselves.

I want that feeling again.