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if i could have dinner with 6 people living or dead it would be these 6 people.

all of them would be dead though

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hey i would like some mastodon

mastodon this hot dog (my dink)

does this mean i have to simultaneously post on social AND bofa because frankly that's a lot of effort to go to to be unfollowed twice as quick

i like how on masto we don't have to be angry at people with anime avis anymore because if they're here they're not nazis

folks i have a plan to hoodwink some of these Very Online libertarians. just hear me out, here.

what if... :thinkhappy: :thinkhappy:

good to see that the weak have already retreated back to twitter while us galaxy brain nerds are all here now and we can send each other rude pictures

thanks for 300 followers, proof that my fart-to-text converter is working just as intended

petition to put a beetle in smash bros ultimate. just a beetle. their name is brian

the term 'sapiosexual' was actually invented in k.a. applegate's 'animorphs' books. it was a weakness that the yeerks; beings that use other creatures as hosts and control their bodies, had, where when questioned about their sexuality they could only say 'sapiosexual'. it was how the protagonists found out if someone was being controlled by a yeerk

we all worship garfield and look up to him but there is another waiting in the wings who will feed on the souls of a thousand lasagas


Skeletons are funny because they're meant to be a morbid memento mori but when you see them depicted walkin round and doing normal stuff they look hilarious and goofy

good morning masto
it is 6:45 pm i am just now leaving bed to make dinner

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