बिछुवा / बिछिया / बिछुआ bichuvā / bichiyā / bichuā is a ring worn on the second toe of both feet by many married women in India. The rings are made of silver, & bears a shape of fish/ flower/ peacock on the upper part. The word is related to Sanskrit vr̥ṣcika वृश्चिक (scorpion).
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@avtansa बिछिया की व्युत्पत्ति क्या है?

In 2007, Dutch composers Gerry Arling along with Riley & Mondriaan, produced a unique musical series known as Het Bollywoodmysterie. Listen to their amazing song named ''Hardwood" (Based on John King, 1996)

A person having six fingers, or six toes in one is called छंगा chaṅgā [from Sanskrit ṣaḍaṅga = six limbs ]. Polydactyly is a condition in which a person is born with extra fingers or toes. The term comes from the Greek words for “many” (“poly”) and “digits” (“dactylos”). 3/3

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E.g. if you ask a person about how many fingers she has, she would always say 10, and never 20. Further "fingertips" are ungliyon kā sirā उँगलियों का सिरा, so naturally, you would expect "toetips" to be the same, but no they aren't, as they are called pair kā sirā पैर का सिरा.2/3

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It is interesting to know that in Hindi / Urdu there are no separate terms for "fingers" and "toes". For both, unglī उँगली (singular)/ungliyān उँगलियाँ (pl) is used {toes पैर की pair kī ---}. But good to know that the primary sense of unglī उँगली is "finger" not a "Digit".1/3
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@avtansa Just wondering what would be the hindi names for different toes?

Did not know that 0-100 project by Dutch filmmaker Jeroen Wolf has a Hindi / Urdu version too. youtu.be/g6F7ujEfsF4

Am I the only only one who thought M M Kreem aka M. M. Keeravani's name was "Mohammad Karim" abreviated as एम एम करीम ?
I have been his avid listener since Tum Mile dil khile (Criminal, 1995) youtu.be/6ZQVDkVEuio
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Absolute joy to write Hindi lyrics for a tune composed by one of my all time favourite musicians, MM Keeravaani saab.

Original Telugu lyrics: MM Keeravaani



क़ुव्वत-ए-नुमू = उगने की ताक़त

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सुनिए इनको -👏👏👏
बनाना पड़ता था अक्सर बिगाड़ कर ख़ुद को
सो मैंने रख ही दिया तोड़-ताड़ ख़ुद को
अब इसके बाद मेरी क़ुव्वत-ए-नुमू जाने
मैं लौट आया हूँ मिट्टी में गाड़ कर ख़ुद को
किसी ने फेंक दिया था कि ख़ाक हो जाऊँ
और एक मैं कि उठा लाया झाड़ कर ख़ुद को।

मिलियन - बिलियन भारत में कौन-से लोग समझते हैं? लाख - करोड़ - अरब में बात हो तो समझ में आए।
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आज भारत में 70 से अधिक यूनिकॉर्न हो चुके हैं। यानि 70 से अधिक स्टार्टअप ऐसे हैं जो 1 बिलियन से ज्यादा के वैल्यूएशन को पार कर गए हैं: में प्रधानमंत्री @narendramodi


Apart from the steamed rice cake पीठा pīṭhā ❤️ (from Sanskrit Piṣṭa पिष्ट = ground flour) enjoyed listening to the fabulous song as well : Mun Khanti Odia (by Subhas Das)
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Enduri Pitha or Haldi Patra Pitha is every Odia kids childhood!! The aroma of this fills the entire house .I eagerly wait for this particular day the whole year to have this deliciously steamed rice cakes stuffed with a coconut and jaggery mixture or a che…

Features from both language families Indo- Aryan & Dravidian. According to current estimates it is spoken in Gujarat state; Madhya Pradesh state: Raisen and Sehore districts; And in Belgaum, Bijapur, Gulbarga & Hyderabad and their neighbourhood in Deccan plateau.3/3

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later their movement to Gulbarga and Hyderabad. When local Muslim converts who were speaking Dravidian languages came in contact with the settler communities, they slowly switched their languages towards evolving Dakkhani. Thus the uniqueness of this language in having...2/3

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Dakkhani /Deccan (aka Dakhini, Dakhni, Dakini, Dakkani, Deccani) is a transplanted language which evolved among people who migrated to Deccan over centuries from North India after the move of Delhi Sultanate to Daulatabad (Devagiri in Maharashtra) around 1327 AD, and...1/3
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What language is "Deccan"? Have seen this appear in a couple of language maps now. @avtansa

डॉ श्याम सुंदर घोष लिखते हैं - डॉ प्रभाकर माचवे शब्दों की व्युत्पत्ति से अपनी "विग्धता" का परिचय देते हैं। तभी तो वे ऑरवेल में ऑल वेल है या नहीं, जानना चाहते हैं; "सलहज" शब्द में 'सहलाना' और 'सहज' दोनों शब्दों को ढूंढ निकालते हैं; "कामरेड" उन्हें मानते हैं 'जो कम रेड हो'। 😅

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