Facebook is the enemy. They always have been. I fucking despise what they've done to our social relationships.

toast is going through her despondent on the bathroom floor phase

There are a fair number of times I get mad at fb and post something negative about them to my fb feed (which I'm sure makes me look like a nutty conspiracy theorist) but then I feel bad because what if they do a lot right? I keep see-sawing on this issue

I think I genuinely hate Mark Zuckerberg. His fucking smug "I'm an engineer and I like to create things, support inventor culture" while he crushes everyone around him is pretty fucking rich

Everything is still the same...

But everything is different now...

If you set your feed to "local" or "federated", Mastodon SPAMS you. All the posts. Every single one. Chronologically.

...and you mean to tell me Facebook can't even do that properly?

It would be great if 2020 would just fuck off

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I seriously feel like nothing is ever going to be ok again. :(

I wish more of my real life friends were here (not that I've made much effort promoting my account here or elsewhere on the fediverse) instead of internet randos. Internet randos are cool, but it's not quite the same

Hacker News is SO frustrating. They're not interested in the actual truth, they'll just downvote and criticize anyone they disagree with

Nothing makes me more angry than accidentally hitting my num lock key and having the thing be lit up

mastodon.social: when you want to be on the fediverse but you're too normie and unimaginative to consider anything else

* Is it Important, which Instance you are in ? *

Once again I had an enjoyable conversation, earlier today.

Achso was there, and we continued a conversation from a day before. We discussed different things, and specially how choosing an instance to fit your needs and preferences is important.

My thoughts on the matter, and a detailed list of some instances I frequent.

On today's web magazine, live at : write.tedomum.net/rgx/is-it-im

[ a repost of my original Jan 4, 2020 Blog post announcement -- relevant on this day where I am mentioning other instances worth of consideration and instance listing sites.

More is better. Less is Twitter, FB. Don't need or want that ]

GlitchSocial Enhanced Text available at discerning instances where BETTER text format is alreayd supported.

Thank you to #GlitchSocial and #Pleroma Projects - you Rock.

In a world as unfair as ours is, people are criticizing the riots? Seriously?

You know, I always thought the "Zuckerberg is evil/sociopathic" stuff was a tad dramatic. But now...

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