Lack of success makes you want to to close yourself out to the world. Even parts of the world that feels familiar.

The state is feeling the strength of numbers. This isn't a bunch of students that the police can ride roughshod on.

If we create a culture where we don't do gratuitous delightful things, we create things that are rich in function but poor in meaning. Words to live by - Rory Sutherland.

I'll meet your dissappointment and raise you.

Just the last 8 years of my life. It's all good I guess.

Having no followers means you can send your inner thoughts into cyberspace without judgement. Liberating.

Things will be okay. Deep breaths.

An emotional struggle to the end. The read makes you relive the many difficult incidents that most people have tried to compartmentalize.

The ominous sense of foreboding the author describes is shared by many. Thanks Rana Ayyub and New Yorker for sounding this alarm to I'm sure hordes of people sleeping into the world that they may not really want to wake to.

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Ugh, I’m so done with Black Friday.. Some customer’s are just DEMANDING free products or discounts wtf..

Most of them forget that I’m just a simple employee and I don’t make up the rules so how could you get angry at me for that 😅

Some humans work in a funny way..

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Wrt the mandatory FASTag from December 1, people are simply discussing the installation and toll fares. But the very important aspect that many ignore is 'SURVEILLANCE'. With digitalization, you are at danger of being tracked every time you log through. This is basically a trap.

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Hi, a humble request:

Please spam Gautam Gambhir with this episode of Consti-tuition explaining Parliamentary committees. Hopefully it will help him understand the importance of these things.

And I hope it will help people understand the importance of Committees too!

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A superb article by @Saikatd on causes and privilege.

Small addendum from my side : "Nor should they sap our energies for other causes that we actually care more for."


how about launching a struggle for a cause you care about? Say, securing the release of Sudha Bharadwaj / Sanjiv Bhatt ? Or ending the lockdown in J&K.

Let's do something differently this time : fund ANY political party of your choice.

I challenge you to take up the : am almost 5 years in!!

There's plenty to be concerned about re: the subversion of culture, but the principle of free education / heavily subsidised education is a deeply flawed one.

Nothing is free. Someone is paying for it. This model does not scale. Imagine an India where everyone in India has access to higher education. What would that cost?

May be better to look to set up low interest, easily accessible loans for students.

The idea of education for all and for next to free, simply don't marry imo.

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The air in Delhi is so so fucked up right now. Constant throat irritation and now a mild headache.

Why, oh why, do we have such incompetent leaders that are just letting their citizens choke.

Coined my first word, picload. Dropped it at a few places. No questions or complaints so far. Success!

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Excel sheets will be produced in TV news studios tonight justifying this move, of course. They'll point out, "WHAT ABOUT INDIRA GANDHI!? She did this so many times! Why no outrage then!?"

Pls don't fall for that crap. This business is just not good.

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I’m afraid I can’t handle all emoji request since it’s just to many🥺🥺 I want to offer everyone a chance for their emoji but I’m afraid this isn’t going to work..

How about.. For everyone who supports the server on Patreon, LiberaPay or any other means they can all send in one request for a custom emoji?

It’s very hard for me keeping it up this way🥺🤓

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