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Spotify's offline mode is HORRIBLE. I wish it worked more like Apple, where you can just tap through to a list of available content through any view (Artist, Genre, Album, etc.)

I saw Ready Player One. I liked it. I kept wanting to say "Oh, that's an X from Y" whenever I recognised someone's avatar.

Humanity Star seems like a nice thing. And I read about it hours ago, and no one's had anything negative to say about it. Wish they had a notification email about visibility like NASA do for ISS.

Is there a Raspberry Pi distro that boots right to a full screen BASIC repl like the C64, or other computers of the days of yore? RiscOS Pico used to do that, but is discontinued.

Canada Post guy just said he was never delivering to my office again, because stairs. Seriously. Told me I was lucky he didn't just send the package back to the depot like most guys would.

If anyone is looking for anything to do in Toronto tonight, you could do a lot worse than this: my ello notifications have really woken up these past few weeks. What's that about?

@awhite I'm pretty fond of the Big Cat Rescue videos on YouTube. Though obviously the name tells you that it's not ALL sunshine and daisies. But that'd be my dream gig: caring for big cats who are finally taken away from abusive environments.

I'm going to be moving my web presence in 2018 away from A Small Orange, who are now *garbage* since the EIG buyout. I'm hoping to find a data centre that is Canadian, and a worker's co-op. I'm a bit cost sensitive. Anyone know of anything? is pretty nice, too. Talented people doing what they like.

Anybody got any "happy place" web sites they'd like to share? Mine's No politics, no commentary. Maybe not even a comment section? Nothing but places at which I'd rather be.

I need to go for a coffee walk, but there's no one left in my office to walk with. Going on my own just feels like I'm taking off.

One day a zen student came to his master. "Can I use email," he asked. 

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