Someone is sending raw print commands to open network printers on port 9001 which inform people about (via

Reminds me of this crap weev pulled a couple of years back sending nazi propaganda to open printers on universities etc (

The medium isn't the message, the message is the message.

@rra I appreciate the spirit, but the message’s implication that it’s the workers’ fault wages are low for working for low wages kind of seems messed up.

@metkis @rra Definitely some poor wording on that bit, but I think the sentiment is true: so long as people will accept jobs at poverty wages there will be companies exploiting them. It's not the workers responsibility to demand fair wages (their duty perhaps), but in lieu of regulation it can sometimes be the only possible action. In the U.S., when I was working for poverty wages that often felt like the only course of action.

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