Reading a thriller about missing young girls, and now their bodies are being found, years later, and parents being notified and my tears won't stop. Why the hell am I so emotional and sensitive. Geez!

I'm sorry your parents never understood you and that did a major number on you.

Will the real slim shady please wake me up at 6 am!?

Between people celebrating the encounter and men suggesting those women who aren't in support of the said incident should be raped, the birdsite is absolute shit right now.

I'm not envious of people who have an active social life. I only wish if there were a need, I could be extremely outgoing too.

This morning I woke up with remnants of a dream—my grandma passing away. She's suffering at present, from cancer. And now my mom's talking to my aunt, who's saying grandma's condition doesn't look so good.

If there's one person I know who deserves a good life, it's my grandma. And she didn't—she obviously would never say so because she firmly believes she's had it good—but she certainly has had a very tough life, and now the pain. I wish I could've done something to make it easier for her.

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When dealing with rape cases, it's become a simple equation now.
If the accused is an inconsequential person, kill him.

If he is a BJP leader, kill the victim.

If I got too many followers here, I won't be able to whine freely and that, people, would be a huge problem.

Lawlessness for someone today is lawlessness for you tomorrow.
People shouldn't be celebrating.

I switched to WPS recently and am unable to understand something—the word count in WPS and MS Word for the same document are completely different and nowhere near each other, WPS one being the larger.

I'd like to know why this is happening and also, which one is the correct information?

Is the news about the "encounter" true? I don't know why the first thought was whether the accused are actually even dead.

Need to stop reading thrillers.

I want to read but my eyes are not cooperating.

My posture is so so bad; always slouching. Really worried what my back would look like few years down the line, not to forget, the back ache.

What are the few exercises one should do to get their posture better?

My dad's instant reaction to ANYTHING is irritation and a scowl on his face. And by anything, I mean anything which doesn't go according to his demands and wishes.

And it's really frustrating.

Will never understand why people's attempt at making small talk always includes comments on a person's looks—especially weight.

If I have lost or gained weight, what's it to you? It's my body, I'm plenty aware of what's happening with it.

Another day of me turning off the alarm and going back to bed.

Good morning to all except not-all-men brigade.

Salary aana matlab that itch to instantly order something—usually something you absolutely do not need.

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There is no forgiving someone who won't say sorry. If they can't, maybe their lesson is to learn how to. Don't deny them that and don't burden yourself with the exploitation that such a person's presence in your life is.

The common problem with those who talk A LOT is how often they forget or overlook the boundaries one shouldn't cross, sometimes even using words like "please don't mind but..."

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