Made myself a nice messy mushroom sandwich with mushroom sauce.

Tried to even my eyebrows and I've made one so much worse. How am I so good at things!

So apparently I'll do anything but work. Right.

Adding to this, I do not understand why people who can easily afford masks also refuse to wear them? The other day I stepped out for a bit after months, walking to the main market area here, and people either had no masks on, and the ones who did wore it wrong or simply left it hanging under their chin like some kinda accessory.

Even if "situation is not serious", it's simply a mask. It won't kill you; in fact, it's beneficial to you thanks to the pollution—if nothing else.

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I've really come to like these Enamor masks so ordered one more set. A little on the costly side but they come with a nose clip, removable filter and fit your face well. The filters can be purchased separately too and the masks themselves are washable. And the best bit—breathable, at least compared to all the other masks I've tried.

And given how masks are gonna be a part of our lives for quite some time now, might as well go for something which can do a decent job.

Last night's pasta with fresh salad for lunch. I'm very happy with this pasta's flavours, probably the best I've made till date.

There's a thunderstorm outside and I'm watching Rebecca, and this is such a weirdly perfect setting.

I'm feeling like shit today. Just worried worried worried.
So I'll do some yoga and see if it helps and hope it does.

How do you get out of the toxic cycle of procrastination? It's been weeks and I'm unable to work. Some of it might have to do with not receiving my payments, and constant emails to the employer achieving no response, thereby adding to the anxiety. And in turn, adding to the procrastination.

Before raising a family, parents should sign up for a therapy plan of some kind for every member 🤷🏻‍♀️

I've got the devil on my shoulder whispering "...but it's Diwali..." to justify my expenditures.

Ordered in Chinese tonight after months and realized...I like home cooked better now.

Never cooking palak paneer again. This was my second attempt and I have messed it up, again, the taste. I absolutely hate wasting food so I'll be here, sitting on a pile of guilt.

Found something in an old notebook, written years back, corrected few years later and found again today.

Maybe...don't normalize anything? Because tagging something as 'normal' also means leaving any new thing to be possibly branded as unacceptable. And as long as change exists there'll be always something new.

Jobs are such traps, honestly. One should work, yes, not to make money, but to keep themselves engaged in something they enjoy without unnecessary pressure.

What do we do, day after day? Slogging at work, mentally and physically. Draining ourselves. Only a small percentage of people in their old age will tell you they enjoyed their life. The rest were busy making ends meet, providing for themselves, their families, not even realising when they grew old.

Tired of people hiring you but never ever paying on time. And not just that, the radio silence on their end. So annoying. Unprofessional. Irresponsible.

Modern Family is one of the best sitcoms out there.

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