Lol for next few days it'll be women women everywhere, then back to treating them like shit.

Well, that was something.
Superhero stuff makes me so emotional. And this, when I'm not a crazy fan who keeps track of every damn thing either.

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Very happy with the progress as far as painting my favourite kind of trees is concerned.

Letting something go doesn't mean getting rid of it.

Anxiety. Mental health. Question. 

What works as a good distraction/possible relief when you're feeling really anxious?

Not liking something is okay; we all have different tastes and preferences.

But to dissect it is such a pointless thing to do, all in the name of coming across as perhaps woke.

If you start working early in the morning, due to a tight schedule/deadlines, you won't have time to while away on your phone.

Some days are difficult so we power through.

Nobody ever thinks of themselves as old is something I'm realising as I grow older.

The amazing thing about summers is how you sometimes get dizziness and nausea due to the heat. At least I think it is due to the heat.

I'm excited to make tea today.

It's the little things that count.

I was supposed to make me some tea but it's 11:30 already so why bother.

I see many obvious errors but I quite like it. Bad blending on the top and the sun looking sorta like an angel aside. I'd definitely try again given how much I love the composition. Didn't paint the leaves on the trees because I liked how they elevated the otherwise not-so-good work. Acrylic + watercolours.

Watching Ao Haru Ride and the animation is so similar to Orange. I feel like I'm looking at almost same leads. Not to mention, the tension between the characters feels pretty familiar too so it's breaking my heart a little.

I'm being robbed off my ability to be productive due to this heat.

Every day there's something new to blame. Heh.

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