Desperately awaiting the new season of In The Bleak Midwinter but it's all too quiet :blobpeek:

Not feeling so good today, the scratching in my throat only adding to the concern, all after spending the whole day yesterday with my friends and stepping out for some time.

My mind still hasn't acknowledged that it's monsoon season here already.

I want it to not rain today.
But it's coming down like crazy.

It makes me sad that we don't have much of anime merchandise presence here, not even online.

Okay I declare my condition as Jujutsu Kaisen hangover.

I don't know why the "new generation will never understand" posts annoy me.
No, wait, I do. Of course they won't, they live in a different world just like once we did and just like every new generation will. Get over it.

Why did I start Mare of Easttown. Now I gotta binge!

It's not a detective show if the detective hasn't been taken off the case and suspended.

People need to stop romanticizing Mumbai during monsoon and the spirit of the city. It's a shit hole.

You know when you are part of a group project and there's this one guy who never does anything but takes all the credit for the hard work? Reminds me of someone.

For lunch I'm thinking...some bhel and coffee?

And then I wonder what's up with my health.

Wonder if I should start myself on daily multivitamins. Wonder if it would be beneficial for my hair and scalp.


Sambhar looking close to perfect. But making careless mistakes with frying onions for the chutney = oil splatters all over my forearm and palm. No more cooking.


It's... something with vegetables and chickpeas. Tastes okay-ish.

I don't like traveling because I miss the comforts of my bathroom at home.

Idli fry in...pesto sauce? I think I'll get murdered.

I'm going to be so sad when I finish Jujutsu Kaisen.

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