Nothing is able to hold my interest these days.

It's noodle soup and momos season and I need to buy wheat noodles first (and some pasta too!).

I know we all would rather talk to those who want to talk to us/spend time with us instead of running after those who don't but life is complicated that way.

Back home from my friend's place, gotta go make lunch. Probably brown rice and stir-fried veggies with tofu.

I don't like tofu but I need proteins in my diet and stir-fried is the best way to have it.

The Boys. 

Started my Sunday morning with an orgy scene in The Boys.

Buzzed on wine is a good place to be in sometimes.

Must sleep before everyone else falls asleep and pray I wake up directly in the morning because I don't need my overactive brain giving me a horror slideshow.

If I really must get myself a husband, can I get a silly one?

I wish I could go back to my student life once more and make better decisions.

Monsoon is here, which is great.
But I do not enjoy the moisture in the air. It messes everything. I need the sun at least for a couple hours each day!

That human urge to feel superior and roll your eyes at everything.

I wonder if collagen and omega 3 supplements are helpful.
Till date, supplements don't show any outwardly results on me and I massively doubt if they work. All except vitamin D.

I had limited amount of funny and I've lost it.

Excellent job by me, finishing an ab workout without engaging the core 🤦🏻‍♀️

People who are privileged and refuse to shower every day even though the day is hot simply because they "did not sweat" is wrong with you.

Browsing through Netflix and came across Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey and I'm disgusted.

So badly want to order vanilla tea but it also feels like an unnecessary expense.

My dead grandmother's terrifying me in my sleep because I refuse to stop arguing with her daughter.

I've grown into a really bitter person.
Joy? What's that?

We imitate each other and learn.
The negative is...we imitate (and support) even terrible things, realising the implications much later.

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