Tweets doing the rounds saying "mothers should teach their sons better". Really? No matter what, it's the women who are responsible for everything, apparently.

A child's development is affected by multiple factors, not just one. They learn from their family as well as from their surroundings.

So when you, the society, shows him that it's easy to blame and treat women (the way people do) and get away with anything, that's what he learns.

As a woman, you're already living in constant fear. Not even safe in our homes. The massive checklist we need to go through before stepping out of the house, the many things we give up just to stay safe—men cannot even imagine what it's like.

And then they come up "solutions", what we should and shouldn't be doing. It's the men who are a problem and until they accept this, there's no moving forward. Blaming women is a lazy approach because they know people will forget and move on. Once again.

@aworldinpages Let me start by saying that I am very sorry for how we men are turning out. As a father of a teenage daughter, I am just not able to get my head around what's happening in our society today. And I am to blame, all of us (men) are. As a society, we have allowed normalisation of unacceptable behaviour across the board - electing rapists to positions of power, allowing unacceptable behaviour to go unpunished in the workplace.... (1/2)

@aworldinpages @aworldinpages ... letting casual sexist comments pass, laughing at sexist jokes, letting 'boys be boys' - that basic humanity has gone missing in any thought, let alone discourse. I feel helpless and scared for my daughter, her friends and all the women I know and I don't. And, I must admit, that I can never really understand what it must mean to live every second under this fear because I am a privileged gender. I am terribly sorry.


I have proposed the following as a basic principle of @piratesin

"Mainstream opinion on women's safety seems to put women solely responsible for their safety and always tend to blame the victim when any violence on women is reported. When society accepts it's easy to blame and treat women (the way people do) and get away with anything, that contributes to the violence women have to endure... 1/2

@aworldinpages @piratesin

We firmly believe it is the responsibility of the entire society to ensure safety of all women."

Any suggestions on improving it?

You can reply here or directly comment on our discussion group at You can just create an account and reply. See https://piratesin/constitution for other principles we have already agreed to.

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