It makes me sad that we don't have much of anime merchandise presence here, not even online.

Ordered from a random site and as expected, the site has now disappeared :pika:

Received it today, finally. And it feels like a reward after dealing with two days of bodily agony. Also, my first ever anime merch! Yay.

@aworldinpages Ditto for band merch. The ones that exist are so expensive.

@viv and the sites which sell them have such a limited collection.

hopefully a useful suggestion 

@aworldinpages idk if this may be useful but I'll try... Do you know this site? it's Italian but ships worldwide, and I thinks it has some cool designs (the themes are form pop culture in general, not only anime). Only t-shirts though. Oh and it's been in business for years, it won't disappear with your order

hopefully a useful suggestion 

@honiden @viv thank you. I shall check it out!

@aworldinpages Some store in Bangalore still has my ₹800 for a Pink Floyd T-shirt and pin that I ordered in 2010.

@viv Damn. I purposely ordered just one item, even though I liked a couple more things. Currently feeling good about my decision.

@aworldinpages The fool that I am, I told them I could wait till they restocked those items. And then, I relocated and also lost the emails I had about it.

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