Having bit of a day and came across this.
Hope this helps you too.

Found this to be quite useful.
I'll post the complete text in the thread below once I get some time.
(Or if anyone wants to do it, be my guest :blobpeek:)

A song which instantly puts me in a good mood, though the lyrics aren't exactly "happy".

Here's another, with a similar concept. But wow, really scary for someone like me.

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Stir-fried Hakka noodles and mango-chia seeds pudding for dessert.

Don't know if I've posted this here but a few months' old "joke".


Four years back, I was still whipping up strange food. Pandemic pushed me to embrace cooking. I still have my moods but when I do cook, it's with all my heart, and when that happens, the result shows.

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Bird site 

Came across this tweet and my mind is blown.
Then blown again by all the replies under it.
Then blown once more when I realised there are people like these who make reproduction laws for women.

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