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I have realized I don't like much sauce in my pasta. People always point out that the ones cooked by me always look dry, but that's how I like them.


Made some pesto, had some pasta.
Quite liked it. Also added quick pickled peppers and garlic to the pasta.

On the other hand, I've got basil—which might spoil if not used soon—so I could just try making pesto again and see how I like it this time.

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I sometimes wish I had a big bad oven at home.

I've never used parsley before—had it, yes—so now I'm wondering what all can I use it for before it goes bad. Except pesto, don't like it.

Hello, bright and beautiful.
(That's all of you, just like the picture attached)

There should be a genre called Agatha Christie.

Now I have just one concern: the rice. Hopefully it's cooked just right.

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Managed to cook lunch in an hour today, including the preps. This is a big deal because otherwise I would've taken three. I'm pretty slow.

It feels like it's time for some Harry Potter rewatching.

Worked from 8am to 1pm today. With about an hour break in between.
Sent the emails which needed to be sent, dropped texts to clients and manager.
I guess I can sit back and watch something—Invincible—for a bit, drink some water, have tea, don't put myself down and instead feel proud for whatever little I have managed to achieve, you know, just everyday stuff.

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