Can you imagine if they actually made movies based on those Harry Potter books?

Haha, it'd be so bad!

it's called revolver because they each took turns to wank in a circle

balls are stored in the bag

do not open the bag

I am not extremely online enough to get half of the jokes and references that are thrown around on here

perhaps the real mastodon was the toots we boosted on the way

can we talk about how diabolically bad the dialogue is in the Cyberpunk 2077 demo?

yeah I know, subject to change or whatever but ooooft

*slaps puddle of piss*
this bad boy used to fit inside my balls

and with that I go to bed and have a fucking dream or whatever

I'm in a different time zone and work full time so I basically am not very up on anything happening on this site

boost if u also live in the future

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