I think I'll use "Oyáte Khéya Wíta" because I'd like to use Lakhota when I can, the problem is I just don't know it that well.

(But I'd love to like eventually have English words like "act" map onto their Lakhota nearish equivalent - even if the defining sentences are in English since I'm.)

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News Flash... Flash still hasn't died.
Die flash! Die! 💀

South African government releases its own browser just to re-enable Flash support | ZDNet


Added rudimentary formatting and handling of redirects. The links don't actually work because I haven't gotten it to register itself as a handler for the gemini: scheme.

I've hit that phase of all my personal projects where the initial mania has worn off, and the scope of the things left to do is daunting. Maybe that means I should just GPL what I have and put the source up somewhere, to revisit when the mood strikes.

It also doesn't run properly outside Xcode and I have no idea why.

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If Russian hackers viewed Microsoft's source code, is there, um, any way they could fix it?

Asking "Why would anyone need 's?" today is like asking "Why would anyone need a mobile phone?" in 1992.

But no rush - you will eventually understand.

I'm outside of the EU right now and it hurts like heck.

@cypnk A feral VT100 terminal that @phooky and I rescued included these stickers from the accounting department.

Going to stip myself right here before I write a complete desktop environment in ncurses.

I want to follow more autistic folks

Any recommendations?

I've just developed and now runs an Internet crawler. Yes, the sort of bots that goes around and gather content. But not a Web crawler. This is for #Gemini. Here are a few lessons learned.


"You must create an HP account to USE YOUR OWN PRINTER."

JFC there are no limits to how much I hate HP.

> RISC-V, the Linux of the chip world, is starting to produce technological breakthroughs

It’s actually the BSD of the chip world, but don’t let facts like the development based out of Berkeley and the first OS spun up on a RISC-V chip was FreeBSD get in the way of your sensationalist headline


Sad to see this happen. I hate to see any Linux hardware vendors losing in the market, but ZaReason was one of the first that I became aware of.


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