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Today is the last day to respond to the Scottish Government’s request for views on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

If you live in Scotland, please think about giving feedback on the proposed legislation, which is a welcome step in the right direction, but fairly watered down compared with the original

#TransRightsAreHumanRights :heart_transgender:

Do any of you who are #aphantasic (#aphantasia = no ‘mind’s eye’) play #DAndD (#DungeonsAndDragons)?

I just started my first game this evening, and found it almost impossible to follow what was happening, let alone enjoy the story, because there was far too much description, and I didn’t know how to prioritise what was worth remembering given that I couldn’t actually visualise any of it

The sentence

You can’t have too many cats!

is ambiguous between two almost opposite meanings (depending on the interpretation of the modal)


‘There is no such thing as too many; it’s not possible to have too many cats’ (epistemic)


‘There is such a thing as too many; you are not allowed to have that many cats or more’ (deontic)

But clearly anyone uttering the sentence with the second interpretation is uttering a falsehood 😉

#syntax #semantics

Happy #caturday! 😸

(Not one of my cats, but a friend’s cat who is staying with me for a fortnight)

Solidarity with all who are marching for #trans and #intersex rights in Paris today! ✊🏻

#ExisTransInter2022 :heart_eyes_cat_trans: :heart_intersex:

This place not being algorithm-driven is great because I'm not addicted to it and don't feel compelled to come here and doomscroll for hours and use it as a self-destructive escape from real life

But at the same time it's also incredibly easy to just be like "Mastodon? Oh shit, I haven't been on there in WEEKS!"

and you know what? I'm starting to think that's a feature, not a bug.

I have been known to post #cat pics on the birdsite occasionally

Here are my beautiful fur babies Vanya and Mitty (though I don’t live with them any more)

(I’ve been holding off posting an introduction, as I’m waiting until’s server software is updated to v3.5.2)

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Neuroclastic has been threatened with a cease-and-desist letter by the Judge Rotenberg Educational Centre in Massachusetts, which routinely uses electroshock torture on residents

They refuse to dignify the letter with a response


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about being in my head a lot vs learning to be in my body more. For a lot of my life, I believed that the main source of my value came from being good at being intellectual & analytical.

( #autistic #nature #thread )

I found it much easier to connect mostly on an intellectual level with others, too. I spent a lot of time thinking scenarios through, scripting dialogues, and figuring things out:

Plenary session underway, with Charlene and Adam being joined on-screen by Kate, Carly, Andy, Will and Jonny – and after a bit by Anna Robinson, who works alongside Jonny

Great to see a majority of #ActuallyAutistic speakers on a panel run by a charity that isn’t an APO! 🥰


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Over to the last speaker, Adam Harris, 27-year-old founder and CEO of AsIAm Ireland


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Welcome back to #SAConf22, for session 3 of 3

Two more speakers, followed by a plenary Q&A and then closing remarks

First up, clinical psychologist and director of Studio III Andy McDonnell will be asking ‘Whose behaviour needs to change?’

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Help @stonewalluk campaign to improve the lives of #LGBTQIA+ people in the UK

Welcome back to #SAConf22!

Will Mandy, clinical psychologist and UCL professor, is up next with ‘Time to lose the mask?’

He’s going to use the term ‘camouflaging’ instead of ‘masking’ because it’s more widely used in academic literature (never mind what #ActuallyAutistic people call it most often!)

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Next up at #SAConf #BehindTheMask is Carly Jones, our second #ActuallyAutistic speaker, a campaigner for rights of Autistic women and girls

Her talk is ‘Autistic Spice – born to be mild?’

She says she will overshare!

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