Any recommendations for instances, especially from people who’re migrating from ?

I want to update my username before it gets too awkward to do that, and I thought it might be good to move to a less overloaded instance at the same time

I’d love it to be somewhere where people hang out

In the meantime, if you are – esp. – and/or – esp. – please do give me a follow

(I’d especially love to reconnect with anyone who knows me from – where I’m – or from my blog,

Thanks for all the recommendations everyone!

I’ve decided to go for, but if you follow me here in the meantime, your follows will get dragged along with my social graph when I migrate 😊 hey you, fancy seeing you here. Been here a few days, still pretty confused. So nice to see a friendly face from birdland.

@axnicho heya i'm late-diagnosed autistic & adhd as well, welcome!

I wish I could reconnect with my twitter followers, if they're even here. I got locked out of my account for no reason. It's really frustrating.

@axnicho is a nice, medium size general purpose instance with solid moderation.

@axnicho following! I don't know you from Twitter, but I too am new here from there, and .

@axnicho I'm still settling in as well but am currently at

@Jojoglowe I’ve just set up an account at and I’ll migrate this account there once I’ve worked out how to do that safely (apparently there’s an issue with the most recent software update)

@axnicho specifically Including some generalist instances in the mix:,,,,,,

@vylion I’ve decided on, I think

Just holding off a little before I migrate

@axnicho Just checking, are you aware that you can transfer your account between mastodon instances? I'm unsure about toots, but you get to keep all your follows and followers (although I expect this to apply for toots as well)

@vylion Thank you, yes

I had heard some people saying there was a problem with part of the migration process in 3.5.1 (the current release version)

Not sure how significant that is, but I’d rather play it safe for the moment

@vylion Not great timing for a big like that (although I suspect most people coming from the bird site won’t have existing accounts here)

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