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/obligatory intro/ Hey I'm Audrey, a freelance illustrator! These days I mostly do artwork for tabletop rpg and card games. Trying to develop my own stuff somewhere in there. 😚 Nice to meet you!

I think my favourite thing about finishing a project is singing BYE BYE BYE while closing all the photoshop files

Diane’s not feeling great about where she’s landed, but that weird dead tree’s too tempting not to poke around…

new page! ★ ★ updates Mondays, rated T+

an old illustration for a zelda anthology I participated in. I happened to have some progress shots saved :D

Hello! I'm Noa Ikeda and I draw lots of fantasy+fashion. I'm currently making my own tarot deck based off my story.


Bilion retweets/reblogs on fanart: Cool 👌


Hey, I don't usually do this, but Bell is trying to push a website-blocking system here in Canada. If you value internet freedom in Canada, please send the CRTC a comment through this site. It's pre-filled for your convenience!


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The exorcist arrived at the mansion. The anonymous tipster was right. The skies were in a constant state of storm and toads pushed their way up through the earth in the garden.

“That’s not good,” he said himself as he worked his way past the locked gate. The fountains poured blood and outside he could hear a dog bay at midnight.

Loads of new faces here! I'm krad, an illustrator that loves drawing badass ladies, explosions, monsters, and pugs misbehavin'~ Also the creator of IRON CROWN, an ongoing T+ webcomic that puts 'action' back in action-adventure & has all of the above! >

I guess I'll try to kick things off with a couple of Magical Girls I drew today~