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/obligatory intro/ Hey I'm Audrey, a freelance illustrator! These days I mostly do artwork for tabletop rpg and card games. Trying to develop my own stuff somewhere in there. 😚 Nice to meet you!

It’s clobberin’ time!

two page day! β–Ί … β˜… updates Monday, rated T+!

Okay well this month had a lot of unexpected expenses!! So if you'd like to help, I've got a Ko-fi account -
And my online store is up with Agents of the Realm volumes 1 and 2 pre-orders, my first ever sketchbook, t-shirts and more!! -

I'm open for character commissions! DM or email me (see my bio) if you're interested or have any questions!


So! I moonlight as a fortune reader. Here's a fun thing I'm doing for Halloween week! Doing email tarot readings until November 3.


@ayhotte The markers from the last drawing seeped onto the next page and it vaguely looked like a frog with a bow so I made it that Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Not a good art day but Bob Ross wouldn't care and I value imaginary Bob Ross's opinion

Gold paint is pretty cool though, I definitely want to use that again

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Also a month-ish ago I redid an old piece and it was a cool exercise to do

Starting a new moleskine for good and bad drawings alike cause perfectionism can beat it right now

Imagine a super cool crossbow that shoots ghosts. Like... instead of bolts it shoots ghosts. It's a...


πŸ’– I have some pretty pricey business expenses this month! If anyone's interested in helping take the edge off, I set a goal on KO-FI:

Or consider buying from my personal shops:




Coming down with a cold when I still have a billion things to do this weekend. πŸ’€ Body we don't have time for this damnit

This summer has been a summer of working on really cool stuff I won't be able to share for a while but heeeeeeey I'm excited :blobaww:

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They're putting Simon Belmont in smash and this song is the only thing I can think about rn

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