Time it takes to make an edit - < 1 min
Time it takes to compile - > 20 min
Time it takes to run all the tests - > 5 min
Time it takes to do manual testing - > 50 min
Time it takes to make and accept merge request - > 1 day

अचेल त सिद्धान्त सित्तै मा बिक्री हुन्छ जस्तै छ।
सिद्धान्तको महत्व नै लोप भई लाग्यो।

सिया शैक्षिक संस्था व्यवस्थापन प्रणाली
Launching on January 1st!
Market analysis सक्यो, design पनि सक्यो,
Programming + Testing 40% सक्यो
केहि न लागे पनि ४ महिना त मज्जा ले लाग्छ!
एसो UI सके पछि .com लिनु पर्ला 😅😁

अहिले को लागि siya.ml

I cannot have spaces in my password??? @TwitterSupport@twitter.com

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"You're right," the mechanic said, "your battery is draining much faster than normal."
"I knew it!" said the robot.
"Let me check diagnostics... Why is your processor 100% busy?"
"I'm monitoring my battery."
"If you stop that, it will last longer."
"I can't, it might run out."

१४ घण्टा काम गरे पछिको निन्द्राको मजा नै बेग्लै हुन्छ।

WOOOOOO months of work and the site is finally up!
Its still in dev so I won't share it just now, but YAYYY!!
Step 1 - complete
Only 999 more steps to go!!!!

If anyone is looking for a library in lainchowr, check out Nepal Japan Children Library. I've been volunteering there for five years, and it's an amazing place for book lovers. Tell me if someone wants to host a book review - I'll talk to the library on their behalf.

You ever notice, all the fat chubby animals are vegetarian - Cows, Hippos, pandas

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सरकारी गाडी लिएर फिल्म हेर्न हलमा। यो कस्तो दुरुपयोग? यि काशीराज दाहाले टिभीमा शुसासनका त चर्कै कुरा गर्छन्! t.co/O8EbfTmccI

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तोप तानी आकश् मा उढी - Another great Herne Katha episode featuring Deepak Paudyal breaking the ‘Pothead’ taboo - Heart Warming episode 🙏🏻thanks to @cbidhya@twitter.com and team. 5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣ youtu.be/UWofOk4UUx4

The shortest C program to print hello world in an infinite loop? I'll give it a try

main(){for(;;)printf("Hello World");}

नेपालीमा entrepreneur को नेपाली अनुवाद उद्यमी हो।

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@RabindraMishra@twitter.com आहा कति राम्रो दुबो! सायद अरिङ्गालहरुले यस्तै देख्छन होला!

I just noticed the garland made of severed baby heads.

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This is the Hindu part of our nepali society, or at least it was - before they stripped us of our history.

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