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rumors going around that instances are blocking right-winged voices. Any right winged here?

@slipstream @trwnh I see. I was hoping for an integrated XMPP service. Anyway, I hope the activitypub protocol incorporates that in the next iteration

RT @HuffPost: "A lot of couples like the idea of a threesome for bringing some spark and excitement back into the bedroom," one therapist said.

Javascript: The 12 year old anarchist of programming languages. "WOoOo~! ThERe ArE nO ruLeS heRe~!"

Government -protected capitalism is the way forward

exams exams it normal to see the big Oh notation everywhere u look after 12 hrs of Algorithm analysis???

जाँचै जाँचहरुमा जीवन बीत्ने भयो.....😜 😅

सबै लाई नव वर्षको शुभकामना।
Yesterday was Nepali New Years! Happy new year 2075 everyone!!!

–We are very ecological – Apple
—No, you can't change battery in your phone. Buy a new one – also Apple

सुन केटा हो, जाँच अघि कहिलै चाट नखानु!!! पेटमा त तोप पड्क्यो तोप!!

Heya, I'm Luanna! I joined Mastodon to share my art and silly doodles outside of my usual places.

Do you have days when you are mad at everything? I am so on edge today. Annoyed by the smallest things. My girlfriend moved to a new apartment recently and I was listening to her listing things to-do - putting up curtains, put the clothes in the closet and such. I was so annoyed I don't even know why. Feeling terrible.

How does a person realize they are transgender? I've always wondered about this

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