In the future, there are no official holidays, just GitHub outages.

I only do consensual model theory, I don't do forcing.

Do cakes have an ∞-groupoid interpretation? In this essay I will...

CN gore, meme

I just cut up my breakfast cake, and blood splattered all over the table? What is this?!

👏 i 👏 don't 👏 want 👏 5G 👏 i 👏 want 👏 unlimited 👏 data 👏

Anyone using a T480 with recent kernels and ALSA stalls (doesn't play at all) after resume?

chemistry units misinfo / joke 

a smol is 1/10000 of a mol

Wenn du beim Meerestier-Pub-Quiz heimlich auf Wikipedia schaust.


hajkosen, v.: sich liebevoll an einen BLÅHAJ schmiegen.

"Ich kann noch nicht arbeiten, ich muss noch hajkosen."

Ich halte es "nicht für sinnvoll", dass Seehofer weiter im Amt bleibt!

In TSS "Die letzte Schlacht gewinnen wir", was ist mit der "schwarzen Front" gemeint?

Frauenzeitschrift für Marxistinnen: Elle Leinwand.

Twitter topics proposes "Fiction" and "Non-Fiction" to me; are they trolling me for being an intuitionist?

Reminder that tex.web is 1MB and half of that is documentation.

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Browsers should just stop loading Javascript after 1 megabyte. There is no problem in the world that requires more code than that to be solved.

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