Wer konnte denn ahnen, dass der Hochsommer 2022 auf die fällt. 🥵

Meine Empfehlung als Sommer-Getränk 2022: Mio Mio Mate Ginger.

Rezeptidee: Schwäbische Poutine

Pommes mit Bratensoße übergießen und dann Käsespätzle drauf.

Warum sind 6€ Zoll-Servicepauschale bei 1€ Einfuhrumsatzsteuer eigtl nicht Wucher ala StGB?

Wieso betreibt DPD überhaupt einen Paketlieferdienst und keine Wahrsagestube, wenn sie ohne zu Klingeln wissen, dass ich nicht da bin?

Frisch eingetroffen aus Oberammergau:
Passionsfrucht, Stück 1.29€

Reaching the age where I need to read my own blog posts to learn things I once knew.

Who at Twitter thought it would be useful to allow adding a restricted account to a group by someone who's not even following you?!

The idea behind polyamory is seeing relationships as relations, not mere functions.

You should totally follow my friend the #artist Dave Fischer @davefischer and have a look at his creations:


For instance his amazing #camera:


and his even more amazing #photos


Many of his creations are done on massive amounts of #retrocomputing gear:


announcement (boosts appreciated) 

We're delighted to announce the HoTTEST Summer School, which will take place online everywhere in the world during the months of July and August 2022.

The school will run both synchronously and asynchronously. The lectures will be delivered live (between 2:30-4pm UTC) and paired with various tutorial sessions run by teaching assistants. The course will also feature a discord-based all-hours Q&A and an online archive of all course materials so that participants can follow along on their own schedule.

This school is for everyone and anyone with some familiarity with abstract mathematics or theoretical computer science and an itching to learn about homotopy type theory. Our goal is to make homotopy type theory accessible to, and inclusive of, everyone who is interested, regardless of cultural background, age, ability, formal education, ethnicity, gender identity, or expression. We believe HoTT is for everyone, and are committed to fostering a kind, inclusive environment.

Read more: groups.google.com/g/homotopyty
Join the Discord: discord.gg/tkhJ9zCGs9

The year is 2022, it's impossible to reload a web app by pressing the circle-arrow button anymore.

I'm wondering in which profession people are most likely to die on the job. Feels like music conductor is pretty high.

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