Wieso riechts hier denn nach frischgebackenen Brezen? *lechz*

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Free software relates to open source like rape apologism to rape apologism.

(and now please don't ask why we added support for utmp in 2019.)

BTW, last week I used strncpy for the purpose it was meant to be.

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omg IKEA now sells a 55cm BLAHAJ plush shark

Today, 18 years ago

I got a cheque from Donald Knuth.

Is there non-press-release evidence that Zen 2 fixes certain kinds of Spectre, and which?

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Gratisname für Friseursalon mit Boutique: Pony und Kleid.

Mit Käse? Mit Bacon? Das sind burgerliche Kategorien.

Three body problem: you want your polycule to move with you when you get a new academic position.

Petition to rename "systemd persistent device names" to "systemd device names for this year".

I'm now a co-organizer of the Applied Category Theory Munich meetup (meetup.com/Applied-Category-Th), which means I do the opposite things of the organizer, I guess.

Im Zugabteil sitzt ein kleines Kind mit Xylophon. Wenigstens keine Flöte.

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