Hey Math twitter, is there a online whiteboard with 1) collaborative freehand editing, 2) formula typesetting (ideally with LaTeX syntax), 3) optional: drawing arrows.

The cross-poster didn't pick this up: I built a prototype of this using wb/whitebophir:

@aza_leah I'd be curious about this too.

[ Someone had told me that someone else had mentioned miro to them, but prompted by this post I just looked at it, and it definitely fails on (2) and I'm not that keen about it overall. ]

@emacsomancer It does 1 & 3 fine imo, but we were doing math and don't have good handwriting. ;)

@ehashman @aza_leah For mathematics is a more featureful alternative. But neither really feels very much like a whiteboard to me. At least for me a whiteboard involves sketching and other 2D graphics production.

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