We are a year into the pandemic, and video conferencing tools still don't support 1) queues of who talks next, 2) presenting a consistent view of participants so everyone can say a thing and then take turns.

And instead of simple thumbs up/down votings we use turning off the video for quick polls...

@aza_leah We are one year into the pandemic and video conferencing tools *DO* have:

billions of dollars so they don't need to care about consumer demand

(but joking aside yeah some decently robust software would be nice)

@aza_leah We used Gather Town for the vMathsJam meeting in November. People literally lined up behind the Q'n'A podium to take turns to get the spotlight and ask questions, then would sometimes rejoin the queue if they had more to add.

Worked a treat.

@aza_leah It might be white techbros not thinking of that... because a system of queues, or anything else that makes sure everyone gets heard, removes their white male privilege of always being heard and supposed to be the "real" voices, the voices that matter.

@aza_leah For an open source tool such as Jitsi you can make your proposal ... wait some one else already did propose 1) here, now you can thumb up or contribute to that discussion and even propose a mock UI or send some code !

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