I want a tablet that survives 2 weeks of no use without emptying the battery...

@aza_leah even in a tablet that would fall into a super-low sleep mode the battery would slowly self-discharge

@aza_leah my first gen iPad mini actually managed over three weeks with wifi on

@noiob I may consider the new iPad mini, but I don't really have any Apple hardware anymore...

@aza_leah same, actually, daily drove the first-gen, I have a MacBook that's kinda out of date and not really in use anymore but my last iPhone was a used 5 lol

@aza_leah but I think these days iPads are computery enough to work even if you're not in the ecosystem


@noiob I don't have big needs, but I guess not having an ad-free YouTube player would already be a no go. :/

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