I wanted to use Typo3, but the spelling correction was really bad.

Sucht man auf Google Maps nach Kuchen findet man Empfehlungen für Küchen. Was könnt ihr eigentlich?

Woher weiss eine offizielle Zeitanstalt, wann die Sekunde anfängt? (Wie lange sie ist geht technisch.)

Did you know the source code of the Linux kernel has been leaked repeatedly, since its first release?

Ein*e Optimist*in ist jemand, der*die wenn der Wecker in 10min klingelt, sich nochmal umdreht weil die Welt ja besser werden könnte.

I would like to keep a zettelkasten, but it feels like such a chore...

I still can't "unfork" a Github repo without reuploading it and losing all metadata?

@nikita They are okish for Pizza, would not recommend for anything else.

suckl€ss, pol, far right 

@anelki Not defending them for many other things (like torchlight processions), but pretty sure tshirts with FCK NZS and FCK CPS existed before. (As well as RUN DMC.)

@nia hii, i'm wearing a k8s tshirt, but i'd take it off for you~

Highest fuck to tweet ratio in my tl for years.

Dinge die nur im Homeoffice passieren: Dir gehen die SATA-Kabel aus.

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