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There should be a group for network operators that don't realize yet they are trans.

Let's call it "eggnog".

Im 26. Semester zum ersten Mal ins Stabi-Cafe geschafft; der Kaffee taugt leider nix.

Wie funktioniert der Bahn Komfort Check-in im Browser wenn man eine BahnCard hat?

@jeeger Ich schlage vor, statt des Begriffes "Pagnierung" fortan "Verseitung" zu verwenden.

Only since Ludolph van Ceulen in 1615, we know that Pi contains all possible digits(!).

Wird man durch den Besuch eines Drive-ins zum Autonomen?

The Linux kernel is 30 years old as of today!

If you ever feel useless, think of the vt_mode.frsig variable, which has been unused since its introduction in 0.97.5 (1992-09-12) and yet is still around!

@cyrridven I think replacing --filter pandoc-citeproc with --citeproc does it?

@kensanata PinDroid, and paid $17(?) in 2013 for lifetime account...

Lesser known floating point rounding modes: FE_WESTWARD

I don't think I ever learned the size relationship between similar triangles in school?!

I can't believe nobody converted the Smalltalk 80 font to X11 yet?

The kernel says ACAB:

% uname -a
Linux rhea 5.13.12_1 #1 SMP Wed Aug 18 11:48:14 UTC 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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