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Haidy beschwert sich, dass in Saint-Saëns' Karneval der Tiere keine Haie vorkommen!

Probably something about elliptic curves in the crypto stacks I use?

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I wonder what's the most advanced mathematical result that affects me in real life.

Ich mag den Trend zu Flat Whites, endlich Latte für Erwachsene!

@noiob I don't have big needs, but I guess not having an ad-free YouTube player would already be a no go. :/

@noiob I may consider the new iPad mini, but I don't really have any Apple hardware anymore...

I want a tablet that survives 2 weeks of no use without emptying the battery...

Aha, in about:config you can set layout.css.system-ui.enabled=false which will work for the next few versions until I get angry again.

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We had perfectly fine configurable browser fonts since 1995 and now this.

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Can I disable the system-ui font in Firefox? I have a very nice UI font that I absolutely don't want to see used in a webpage.

I'm sure the Podman developers had a good reason to make a different API than Docker, but when they reuse an API command name and do something very different to Docker, they could document that. -.-

I can touch programs and immediately break them.

FYI, jshell is broken with TERM=rxvt-unicode-256color, but I'm not gonna bother tracking this down.

Ja, aber die CSU hat quasi alle Sitze durch Erststimmen.

@noiob Zumindest in Bayern ist der Sinn der Erststimme halt, der CSU einen Sitz zu nehmen ;) Daher würde ich da eher die Partei wählen, die am warscheinlichsten gewinnt, statt die die mir am besten gefällt.

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