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Good reasons to actually use the bathtub for a bath:

Remote installing NixOS over LTE in an ICE train, exciting.

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If you still have a blue voucher: hold onto it. We'll be back with repaired #card10 badges at Congress.

Maybe I should start doing FreeCell again.

Wir fahren durch Wedding und ich habe einen Ohrwurm. 🙄

Ich heule gar nicht, ich hab nur Staub in den Augen.

A sad category theorist realizes: No homo.

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Sorry, the Leah you're looking for is in another castle. /cc

Obacht: Die plötzliche Zufuhr von Sauerstoff kann beim Verlassen der Zelte zu kurzzeitigen Kopfschmerzen führen.

I'm mostly straight-edge these days. Well except for the straight part.

GSM works on Day 0, amazing!

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