“I’m a lawyer, maybe you can call me if you’re ever need some legal help” – I said casually, as we shook hands and parted.

He smiled pensively and asked : “kanoon kya kar sakte hain sir?” (What can law do, sir?)


I do have my own take on . However, regardless of what today's court verdict is, I decide not to make a comment on it. Let's stay united, strong - against the possible divisive propaganda.

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I don't want to say much about tomorrow's judgment, but I do want to make one point. The case being decided tomorrow is a land dispute that was instituted decades ago, and pre-dates 1992. Tomorrow's verdict is not and cannot be an endorsement of what happened in 1992, no matter how much some people want to portray it that way. It's a ruling on a land dispute.

I think we do ourselves an equal disservice if we follow this pattern of escalation and make it out to be about something that it's not.

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The issues plaguing birdsite India isn't a bug, it's by design. Their entire business model is dependent upon giving maximum reach for terrible takes on divisive issues and profiting off of the subsequent moral outrage.

Capitalism didn't give you internet. Much of what you see in internet came from volunteer labour of open source projects.

Capitalism gave you paywalls and hundred spam mails a day and sites you can't open because a thousand ads are covering the entire content.

@manuvichar well, looks like the sanghis can't be here at all.

Hi, this is Arjun.
A from pursuing his master's in . Looking forward to connecting with people from and outside, following causes on , , , , .


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The has observed that, the , while considering the application seeking interim mandatory injunction in long pending cases, should grant opportunity of hearing to the opposite side.
Read Order: bit.ly/32v4cfw


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