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Azanone A1コンセプトロゴがリリースされて以来、私はそれを改善するために始めました、

Hello there Misskey guys!

Since the last Azanone A1 Concept LOGO was released, I started to improve it,
and now, I made two new LOGO yet released,
If you're fans of Azanone, please vote to help me choose a better LOGO! Thank you!

We were stagnated for a few months...

And now, we are deciding what to do next

Check out we designed new Misskey icons, we're happy now available apply at Misskey v12.67.1 :toot: , but actual edition colour different. This is a comparison of the two icons.

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This is we designed the Misskey Fluent Concept LOGO, it have fluidity, freshness and vitality, visually stunning. Designed for Misskey.



Check out these unofficial Misskey Big Sur icons we made, these are designed by Zen from Azanone, ​​​​​​​
visit Zen's Misskey profile page to check out the download informations.


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Check out I use created Pixel 2 XL model mockup! As a designer, use isometric grid, you can easy to draw a 3D model graphics, and add 3D effects to make the curved screen glass effects 😎

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏻☃️🧦❄️

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Very thank you James⚡️!!!! at

We are preparing the official website of our brand, please give us some time and stay tuned!

In last 2019, former employees of our team have designed a set of Azanone icon series with fashionable style and

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パッケージが完成しました! これで、Misskey BigSur X3バージョンをダウンロードできます!


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