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Hello! I'm Zen, I am a Developer & Designer, and geek, love tech and designs, the official partner of azanone. I will post new things about tech and designs with azanone. Now I need your follow to support me, Thank you!

Can the new Apple TV remote control iMac remotely?

Holy sxxt, HP bro🤣


惠普兄啊 这都2021年了


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Are you ready for your phone? 🤳🏻
Waiting for our new products! 💪🏻📲

Good morning guys!
What is your favourite launcher on Android? 🤳🏻

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Azanone A1コンセプトロゴがリリースされて以来、私はそれを改善するために始めました、

Hello there Misskey guys!

Since the last Azanone A1 Concept LOGO was released, I started to improve it,
and now, I made two new LOGO yet released,
If you're fans of Azanone, please vote to help me choose a better LOGO! Thank you!

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Metatext app looks cool? I want to try it

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App+1|开源、免费、颜值又高的iOS/iPadOS端Mastodon客户端:Metatext – Mr.Zan

I wanna make a Fluent Design icons same as 's Big Sur icons ,and hosted by my brand team Azanone!

I have a idea... I will make Wallpapers and Widgets with Azanone Brand, and will publish to Google Play or XDA labs.... So How I need going to do🤔

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#WebDev #webdevelopment

I will create a channel about Misskey themes

Good morning!
Today is New Year in East Asia 🧨🧧
At there it's equivalent to Christmas

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