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CAG lifts the lid on cylinder scam under Ujjwala scheme
Nearly 7,000 bought four cylinders a day; 4,000 BPL beneficiaries were issued five refills a day.

Will Microsoft rename Office to Office 366 on 2020?

If I were to define #DigitalIndia - it would be control of internet, social media, our data, surveillance using Telegraph Act, IT Act, #Aadhaar Act, Personal Data Protection Bill. Guess who helps the government with all of this?

There aren't enough police to protect us during danger, but during protests you see them everywhere doing what they call implementing justice. #IndiaAgainstCAA #IndiaRejectsCAA

Thread by Nupur Tiwari on why it was GASLIGHTING of people in an election rally using narcissistc ploys (in 10 points) at maidan

“Shiksha par jo kharcha ho, budget ka dasba hissa ho”— expenditure on education must be ten percent of the total budget—and “Hum shiksha ka adhikar mangte, nahi kissi se bhik mangte—We demand the right to education, we do not beg.
Read this on education system in India and current changes. 🙏 #noxp

The Man Who Reads 1,000 Articles a Day

Robert Cottrell reads 1,000 articles a day. But the verb ‘to read’ isn’t exactly right to describe what he does. Ingest is a little bit closer. But it doesn’t quite hit it on the nose, either. Ingestion implies that what he’s doing is a mechanical, rote activity.

Oh my country, my heart bleeds for thee, my tears are blood, food is ashes, but for our future good, we must in every way we can!

@Varungrover 's latest on

"हम काग़ज़ नहीं दिखाएँगे।"

(There is no copyright on these words - feel free to use them, adapt, sing, modify, create.)

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Horrifying incoming reports of violence in UP, tweet thread by Swati Singh (, last report about half an hour ago:

Police beat, blind, maim students; kill 14, incl an 8-yr-old girl; enter & vandalise Muslim homes; lathi charge/fire on peaceful, unarmed crowds; teargas hospitals; smash cars; dispense with ID tags.

But somehow it's the *protests* that endanger law and order.

People, please thank Nandan Nilekani for creating a weapon like Aadhaar and handing it over to monsters!

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