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@hinterwaeldler I used to freelance, but I am now laser focused on @pixelfed. I am surviving on savings and my patreon/liberapay for now.

馃帀 v2.4.1 is out:

- Delete & Redraft for toots
- Improved e-mail validation to fight spammers
- Improved block/mute behaviours
- More unicode emojis! 馃惡
- Important database schema fixes
- Performance improvements 馃殌

Anthony Bourdain on Kissinger 

If you're too poor for A/C, here's what I did when I was also too poor for A/C. Copper tubing attached to fan with zip ties. Plastic tubing attached to fishtank pump, submerged in beer cooler full of ice water. Cold water runs through the pipes and makes 'em frostycold, fan blows frostycold at hot people. Works pretty well! Lots of guides online on how to make one. Put a towel on the floor in front of it, lots of condensation.

Fediverse, what's a good collection of documents / papers on toxic online communities, moderation (or lack of), vocal minorities and online abuse?
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More on this, from Motherboard:

"Paul Manafort鈥檚 Terrible Encrypted Messaging OPSEC Got Him Additional Charges"

Good to know: "Some messaging apps specifically protect against this scenario by not allowing backups. Signal or Wire, for example, don鈥檛 have backup features."

Upcoming version of Mastodon (2.4.1) will have a delete & redraft function.

If Microsoft buys Github, there are alternatives.

It's been observed that Microsoft seems to be carrying out a strategy of controlling as many of the access points to the tech job market.

Via @drwho

Before: proprietary service centralizing free software development
After: proprietaries service centralizing free software development

Looks like gitlab has an auto import feature for moving from github, so I guess I'll be going with them for now. (You can find it by selecting projects, then selecting new project).

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