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The whole debacle shows, in stark detail, the benefits of open hardware

When every part is in an open schematic, when even the resin PCB is an open standard, it’s a lot harder to hide malicious components

Couple this with open firmware (and more diverse suppliers than one or two giants) and the problem is significantly diminished

Opaque tech always leaves plenty of nooks to hide nefarious things

That said, this is a well-deserved kick in the pants for Big Tech

a helpful flowchart to decide whether you need blockchain or not

With the transition to a cashless society, millimeter wave body scanners, stop and search, WiFi and Bluetooth scanning by default, and G4S everywhere, the construction of the Dutch surveillance state seems to be on schedule for completion in time for the swearing in of prime minister Wilders in about ten year’s time.

Now on the Internet Archive: Brett Kavanaugh's 1983 Georgetown Prep yearbook

@kaniini Isn’t a world where people consider you a outcast for not wanting to submit to Facebook some sort of hell?

"Because I may have my reservations about excessive political correctness, but honestly, I absolutely do not want to be seen as being in the same camp as the low-life scum on the internet that think it's OK to be a white nationalist Nazi, and have some truly nasty misogynistic, homophobic or transphobic behaviour.” — Linus

It's time for #FollowFriday 🍹 🍸 🌴

@dev Self-hosted single-user blog federated through #ActivityPub (see also )

@read_as Open source alternative to #Feedly, federated using ActivityPub, under development

@p2play P2Play: A #PeerTube app for Android, under development

@fediversecast FediverseCast: A podcast about the #Fediverse

@TommyWiseau Tommy Wiseau: official account for the actor/director

Previous #FF / #FFed posts:

What medieval weapons are best suited for tsundoku, the slow growth of stacks of unread books by one's bedside?

I am testing P2Play app. A peertube app from @p2play
It sounds great!

Looking for more sources of audio/visual material in #publicdomain or #CreativeCommons or licenses giving similar freedom for creative (re)use.
Other than the 'classics' wikimedia,, ccsearch, openclipart,, librivox, freemusicarchive, fontlibrary, freesound

Retoot to write a list together!

For the #OpenDesignCourse for refugees, starting on Monday.

PSA for anyone from a defunct instance who still wants to view their archive, and cant because it's all json:

I made a python script that generates a human-readable html page from you're archive that you can open in your browser to view your old posts.

If you've got python installed, just plop it into the archive, run it, and open the new "processed_archive.html" file it makes in your web browser to read your archive!

If I move pixelfed from github, it will be to a federated git host. I spent a few hours working on this old project 😉

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