Technically not *all*science (obviously):

> The idea is to open up publicly funded research to everyone

Just the science that has already been bought and paid for. Still Wham!

Scientific journals are a scam.


@Qwxlea you're totally correct, sorry. also only the publicly funded science of the future, afaict.

@b3yond Rather! My EU-love just went from 4 to 🔥9🔥.

@Shufei yes, similarly... no they only need to make the fucking borders open access


While on the surface this seems like a brilliant idea, I think it warrants analysis.

Let's first ask these 3 questions:

Who owns?
Who labours?
Who benefits?

It would be good (IMO) to consider that it's capitalism that is driving this push, it is not about more open science . The more "open" that science is or becomes, the more that corporations can take the knowledge that was learnt (often paid for with public funds) and use it for their own benefit.

@b3yond one step for science one step back for free speech.

@b3yond It is going to fuck over grad students to no end, FYI.

Open access journals charge to publish with them (even the non-profit ones have to cover their bills). This means that a lot of professors aren't going to bother publishing lower impact research, which screws over grad students who are desperate for more papers for their CV or resume.

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