aight ill admit the brain is still part of me
therefore it was me

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ahaha fukin
imagine all fine and good week ruined just bc your brain decided to think abt some shit at the wrong time

Using masks to protect yourself from covid is like using paper condom

til that in fo4 power armor land shockwave can throw items away

Everybody gangsta till yall asscheeck start nervously ticking

Still waiting for oled screens and xlr connector to arrive
thats the longest keyboard assemble time thanks to covid

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My very own corne travel box
keyboard is still far from finished
getting a typewriter to be salvaged for keycaps & switches in a couple of days

is any old photographers here?
im looking into old olympus mju/stylus 300/400
i found it for as cheapest as 5$ including shipping
are those old cameras fine? im having the crappiest camera on my crappiest phone so it might be better?

it just looks silly to exclude someone from the movie due to some kind of drama or scandal

So i just almost assembled and dont want to get keycaps that gonna cost more than keyboard itself

dam i wish mastodon had some even dumb translation of other langs

yesss i do
love being a complete bigot
at 15 august of 2020

I just came across this treasure trove:

"The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

...from the '70s to the '90s - Scanned Catalogs of Guitars, Amps, Effects, and Keyboards"

They're scanned and meticulously cataloged mostly from Japanese magazines. Faces have been blurred for what I imagine is copyright reasons, but this is quite the impressive collection

There are so many fantastic pieces here, it's almost a time capsule itself

sarcasm post 

Oh you start to boycott JK Rowling?
Boycott all the russia:
* most of the govs are conservative
* most of citizen are convervative too
* most of people dont know or hate lgbt community
* huge racism rates

it might be untrue but
ok just been playing wd2

so you know already that markus is black

but when i wear pair of some slippers on him his toes were white

imma double check that maybe its the lighting issues in game

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