Making it my mission to add my fave reacts to every Slack I join
:yes: :plus-one: :thanks-doctopus:

Seeing JANELLE MONAE tonighttttt! βš‘οΈπŸ’–βš‘οΈ
I have two tickets to tomorrow’s show in Grand Rapids, MI I’m giving away. hmu if you wanna go!

@miql when I visit your profile I see this banner (pictures in image). How do you do that?


The NASA Frontier Development Lab () 2018 summer program is open to:
- Heliophysicists
- Astrobiologists
- Astrophysicists
- Planetary Scientists
- Earth Scientists
- Engineers
- Astronomers
- Data / Computer Scientists
- Software Engineers
- Statisticians
- Research Engineers
- AI / Machine Learning Researchers
- Mathematicians

That's right, friends. It's time for the spooky blue selfie hour!

Oh yeah!
Another thing that happened during that momentary bizarro-world moment was that when I went to reply to a boosted toot, my textbox defaulted to messaging the booster rather than the original tooter.

For one brief moment, it was beautiful.

Just had a nice conversation with some folks at work about my pronoun pin! 🌸

I think people are accidentally posting without censoring. When you post a picture, you have to add the photo and THEN select "NSFW" so that it's hidden for it to be out of view. (cw does not do it!)

Like this:

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