Standing room only for today’s “Analysing & Preventing Unconscious Bias in Machine Learning” seminar with Rachel Thomas!
You can tune into the livestream over Facebook:

Some light reading 😹
“AI Governance: A Research Agenda” from Allan Dafoe at the Future of Humanity Institute
Those of us working in the AI space ought to be dedicating significant thought toward how the technology we create can enable large scale externalities and runaway effects that cause massive harm

“Wear black and go out” and be seen:
what this person said people are doing today

“Wear black and go out” and be seen:
what this person said people are doing today

Sometimes, I find to be really pleasant.
Here's an example where I took a photo with crumbs and artifacts and made it look more natural against the bright pink backdrop.
(original from

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Making it my mission to add my fave reacts to every Slack I join
:yes: :plus-one: :thanks-doctopus:

Seeing JANELLE MONAE tonighttttt! ⚡️💖⚡️
I have two tickets to tomorrow’s show in Grand Rapids, MI I’m giving away. hmu if you wanna go!

@miql when I visit your profile I see this banner (pictures in image). How do you do that?


The NASA Frontier Development Lab () 2018 summer program is open to:
- Heliophysicists
- Astrobiologists
- Astrophysicists
- Planetary Scientists
- Earth Scientists
- Engineers
- Astronomers
- Data / Computer Scientists
- Software Engineers
- Statisticians
- Research Engineers
- AI / Machine Learning Researchers
- Mathematicians

That's right, friends. It's time for the spooky blue selfie hour!

Oh yeah!
Another thing that happened during that momentary bizarro-world moment was that when I went to reply to a boosted toot, my textbox defaulted to messaging the booster rather than the original tooter.

For one brief moment, it was beautiful.

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