in case anyone needs some encouragement today or this week: its okay to suck and not do shit right. like, you're literally a person hurtling through the cosmos on a weird rock and on the level, everyone is fucking up, all the time. people that look perfect just fuck up quieter. they're a fucking mess but not proud enough to claim it.

perfectionism is a tool of capitalism. fucking up and just owning to fucking up is punk as shit. be a loser today and come out swinging when you feel better.

@humanetech @artificialphilosopher full disclosure: I work at PAI
I think those points are super valid. My perspective on it is informed by having worked in one of those big tech companies and knowing that there are people who are fighting hard for privacy, accountability, transparency, and justice inside of their orgs. I see my work as helping to empower those people within and helping our nonprofit partners to better affect change from without
def isnโ€™t (& shouldnโ€™t be be) the only approach!

<< If you read math papers it pays to keep this in mind:

Most mathematicians are not writing for people. They're writing for God the Mathematician. And they're hoping God will give them a pat on the back and say "yes, that's exactly how I think about it". >>

--- John Baez

when are we gonna be able to import/export muted terms? it's really tedious for me, probably strenuous for others accessibility-wise, to transcribe the terms & settings one at a time


The number of Amish has grown from:
5,000 in 1920
166,000 in 2000
340,000 in 2019.

Since 1950 only around 50 outsiders have joined permanently.

Few things in the Amish economy:

- As anabaptists there's no clergy.
- Mutual aid networks of unpaid labour play a large role
- Insurances are non-existent, they are exempted from social security payments
- Seeking to make, not buy, things they need
- Lot of family businesses and coops
- Little formal education, learning happens through work

English has a specific verb for "to deceive someone into watching Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up"

From episode 18 of @lingthusiasm

broke: time travel to kill hitler

woke: time travel to kill christopher columbus

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The famous "Pillars of Creation" image from Hubble (first image) is in a nebula called M16 - the Eagle Nebula, shown in the box in the star map below. A close look at the image of the nebula shows the pillars in the centre.

There's a new Tor alpha release available for download.

Tor is the first release candidate in its series. It fixes several bugs from earlier versions, including one affecting DoS defenses on bridges using pluggable transports.

Back on my animations nonsense.
The toddler came to look:

"You doing maths, daddy?"
"I like that maths!
"How is that maths?"

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