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If you'd like to become more involved in the day to day of photog.social we are looking for 1-3 people to come on as moderators / team members.

At the moment we are spread a little thin and when we deploy a pixelfed instance we're definitely going to need some additional eye balls on anything that pops up for invite requests, moderation needs, blog posts, etc.

The duties are open ended (aka: you choose your adventure πŸ˜‰ ).

If you're interested let us know!

@tek That's a super nice way of saying Intel is a bunch of hacks who repeatedly cause vulnerabilities with their closed source, forced NSA backdoors, lack of proper driver support, and attempted forcing to use Windows 10 - the spyware OS.

Intel is one of the most angering tech companies I've ever had the displeasure of owning a product of.

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While I personally am uncomfortable with the stated motives of many of the large following Twitter users who have left in favor of the Fediverse, I’m glad they are no longer using Twitter.

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You can either save the planet or have Bitcoin. Both are mutually exclusive.
@RamilioVerduzco @LukewSavage People have already done this comparison: Visa can do about 500,000 credit card transactions with the amount of electricity that it takes to do a single Bitcoin transaction. digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energ

I am still completely gobsmacked each time I think about Ayn Rand and realise, again, that there was a dedicated, organised movement in American culture since the 1950s to literally *call empathy and altruism evil*. To make people less loving. And that very high ranking politicians, businesspeople.... and religious leaders, who know and teach better... bought into it.

That stuns me. Still does. Every time.

How. How did that happen? How did we let these people, this ideology, run our society?

I'm gonna be in a zine for the best Sentry in all of Voltron! This is just a personal piece for fun, but I'll be posting a preview for my zine piece soon!

Do you have any favorite side characters?


#mastoart #Voltron #VLD #Robots #PartyBot

Back in 2007 I downloaded a file called unk.mp3 off the campus file sharing network. It is really good, and I've never been able to figure out who made it or where it is from.

"Here in Neotokyo millions of survivors swell in a chaotic vitality, and surge forward towards an unknown future" are most of the lyrics. It also has the line "you've got to be deaaaddd" (or possibly damned?)

Anyone have any idea what this could be, or where it is from? It isn't in any of the databases I've checked so far.

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So excited about my haul from the art fair today! I am such a sucker for Medusa art and I saw this one by one of my favorite printmakers and had to get it. The smaller one is also hers. Check her stuff out, she's thediggingestgirl on Instagram and Etsy!

Copper-infused agates, aka cyborg rocks. So beautiful!

Let's be real, social media sites are just MMOs.

You grind, you level, you pvp, you raid, you join a stupid guild, you sink way too much time trying to get rep rewards. Most people complain about the expansions. There's a never ending stream of cartoon villains.

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Is there a list of bad instances I can block on my own? Or even better, is there a way I can subscribe to a list of bad instances and automatically block them?

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