I've been fairly busy with meatspace things as of late, so apologies for the unresponsiveness.
Y'all are great.
thx 🌸

study for today
around 1h for the whole thing
please click it its a bit longer than it looks like
Feel free to critique
#study #mastoart

for a cheap vacation learn how to pick locks, buy a university sweatshirt, and crash in their dorms during their christmas break

Heyo, an amazingly talented friend of mine is kicking off a classy 1940's style cyberpunk radio play via Patreon. If that sounds like it's up your alley, please go check out her page for Crescent City Confidential!


i'm back from the genius conference and i have bad news: anything that is not having to deal with nazis all day every day is an echo chamber and an ideological bubble.

i'm waiting for that final moment
you say the word that i can't say

So like..... not all of the tube’s stations are wheelchair-accessible, but there are a lot more than Paris’s whopping *9*

Apart from that, innovations in transports in London’s network are incredible. The first completely automated line there was in 1968!! They have countdowns at more than 400 crossings in the city! They have over 1500 “Legible London” wayfinding signs all over the city that indicates nearby transport systems or interest points!

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, I finished David Stannard's "American Holocaust", a seminal work about the genocides of the Americas, and wrote up my thoughts.

In short, I highly recommend the book -- it was published in 1992, but remains a remarkable work of historical scholarship that draws from countless sources to present a comprehensive picture of what happened, and why it happened. Here's my review:


heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like Show more

Here’s a list of ethical power providers from thegoodshoppingguide.com/ethic with their scores:

🌱 Good Energy - 100 
🌱 Ovo Energy - 94
🌱 Ebico - 89
🌱 Green Energy - 89
🌱 Ecotricity - 84
🌱 Power NI - 84

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