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Here’s a list of ethical power providers from with their scores:

🌱 Good Energy - 100 
🌱 Ovo Energy - 94
🌱 Ebico - 89
🌱 Green Energy - 89
🌱 Ecotricity - 84
🌱 Power NI - 84

Just saw this happy fella on my tumblr feed, and though you folks would like a bit of positivity from him!

Have a good night, peeps - enjoy whatever tomorrow may bring x

And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful housing co-op!
And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful polycule!

Inaction is no longer an option! Taking part in non violent civil disobedience with @ExtinctionR is our right + our duty. We're taking action because this government is taking none. We're done being lied to. We're done being ignored! #climatecrisis #nomoretime #changeiscoming

Over 50 people have willingly been arrested for the future of our planet! #RebellionDay #ExtinctionRebellion #XR

Southwark = 10
Westminster = 0
Blackfriars = 7+
Waterloo = 0
Lambeth = 36

Would anyone who knows about university IT procurement be willing to educate me a little?

@kurtm I’m trying to learn more about how internet infrastructure choices are made, how often parts are replaced/upgraded, and what goals teams have (like how future-looking are they and do they try to do anything fancy/fun re: compute for research and the like)

@b_cavello Either "advocate for more people entering tech" or "advocate for better labor conditions in tech", I think.

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