Hello, Mastodon! I am Vitasta, a podcaster and writer, and I am here to see what the hype is about! Love the idea of starting fresh and creating a new community here. Birdsite has become a bit boring and tedious now. Gimme a follow/shout if and I would love to interact!

Forgot to mention that I love poetry and write in Hindi often! Will be sharing toots in Hindi and English. And some samples of my foray into photography too.

@baavri good to see you here! Time to bring out some shaayri toots?! It’s been a while since I saw you do that!

@manishbatavia चलिए कुछ लिखते हैं जल्द ही! 😊

@manishbatavia बिलकुल, वो भी मिलेगा! 😊

@baavri You are welcome; a fellow podcaster @vimoh is already here

@KayKap @vimoh Yes! Following him and also know him from the Birdsite! 😊

@baavri @KayKap I will never get used to my beloved Twitter being called "birdsite".

@vimoh I think that is the reaction at the moment! May ease off! I still remember when the fail whale used to make a regular appearance @baavri

@baavri Welcome to the community! Hoping for free speech here..
Just curious, what do you podcast about?

@amangupta Thank you! Hoping for the same! I have set up a few talk shows for friends in the past and in the early days of podcasting, I had a show where I discussed Indian culture, poetry, and music. I also have two shows in the pipeline that are serialized fiction.

@aivalli thank you! Have it for a while on other platforms.

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