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Hi, I'm Persis. I work on urban governance and have lots of thoughts/feelings (increasingly unable to differentiate between the two) on democratic processes.

As a baby of the 90s, I have an attachment to secularism, multiculturalism and diversity so let's make them a reality ok?

I'll slowly add a list of publications to this toot, but know that I do NOT LOOK LIKE THE ONE PARSI AUNTY who married into your family. ok?

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Shelter cat put in solitary confinement for 'repeatedly' letting other cats out.
Quilty the cat has locked up for continually helping other cats at the shelter escape and failed his latest parole board hearing

Oh Quilty!

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@DILIPDRAVID The name Mastodon comes from a prehistoric animal, which is a fluffy elephant essentially. There is a band called Mastodon which is where I learned about this animal from.

The word toot comes from the Mastodon community. There was a long period when things were called just "publish" and "status" and people were coming up with different things to call them.

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Ghalib a thousand desires by one of my favorite authors on Urdu Poetry.
The joys of coming home and finding this
Thank you Penguin India

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Birth anniversary
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad :
"If an angel were to descend from the clouds today, settle on the Qutub Minar of Delhi and proclaim from there that India will attain Swaraj provided Hindu-Muslim Unity is renounced, then I would renounce Swaraj and not sacrifice Hindu-Muslim Unity, because if Swaraj is delayed, it is the loss to India, but if Hindu-Muslim Unity is lost, it is the loss to humanity."

In memoriam

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Mastodon is not Twitter
...if you are still tangled in a Twitter-mindset!!

Are you still searching for the Trending Topics that will impose to everyone what is the thing about whom you "must" talk today?

Are you searching for "people to follow" instead of "people to interact with"?

Are you still planning time wasting things like hashtag wars instead of doing something real?

Are you searching for emotional and social gratifications by the number of retweets you received?

Are you still judging a post by the number of likes that received?

Are you still writing '"cool lines posts" for obtaining likes insted of writing interesting posts that stimulates discussion and interaction?

If so, pkease pay attention: there is still much Twitter INSIDE YOU.

(It takes some time to heal 😉)

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All the Mastodon Instances that together form the entire 'Mastodon Galaxy' are part of something much bigger called the #Fediverse.

Apart of Mastodon there are many other free platforms. Some of them, like #Pleroma or #Misskey are also similsr to Twitter but others are very diffetent.

#PixelFed is similar to Instagram
#PeerTube is similar to Youtube
#Friendica is similar to Facebook
#FunkWhale is sumilar ti Soundcloud
#Writely and #Plume are blogging platforms
#Hubzilla is a powerful.multi-functional platform
And there are more...

All of them, like Mastodon don't have a unique central server but are a 'Galaxy' of many Instances.

You can choose between different PixelFed Instances and so on...

But ALL these platforms ('Galaxies') interact with each other forming the Fediverse.

What does that mean?


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When you check a profile of another user you will see the number of people who follows his and who are followed by him but if you click on.that number you can't see the entire list of people. Instead you can only see the ones of them that you just know.

That's alsi by design and that's also an anti-harrassment tool.

Let's check real life: in real life I dont walk around with the list of my friends attached on my neck and neither of you (hopefully) does.

So, if you cannot discover new people by checking who is following who, how can you find and meet new people on Mastodon?

By t-a-l-k-i-n-g, socializing and discuss things. If you boost a post of your friend you are presenting him to all your other friends and so on.

Mastodon emphasizes real human socialization instead of espionnage-style exploration of profiles

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hi new people from 🇮🇳!! when reporting people where their posts aren't in english i would really appreciate it if you could provide some kind of rough translation, since google translate doesn't really work with hindi, tamil, etc. and we don't have a mod that speaks these languages yet!

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I like to clarify why we don’t have a verification system like the #birdsite with the blue thingy next to your name.

On the #fediverse or at least #Mastodon we all are equal. No person is ‘higher in ranks’ or better than everyone else, our point is exactly the opposite. We want equality right?

We have plenty of methods to prove who you are on other platforms, we don’t need a badge for that 😉 Ofcourse you can use it however you like but this would be the reason, I’ll hope you’ll understand

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan getting me through the day today

शब् ए ग़म की सहर नहीं होती
हो भी तो मेरे घर नहीं होती
ज़िन्दगी तू ही मुख़्तसर हो जा
शब् ए ग़म मुख़्तसर नहीं होती

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The Ayodhya Verdict is 1,045 pages long. Most adults need about two minutes to just read a page. (Understanding what's on the page usually takes longer.) Keep that in mind when you read opinion pieces on the verdict that were written within hours of the verdict being uploaded.

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Tandoors were invented by nomadic soldiers to hide the fire from enemy armies.
Food cooked by them was usually zamindoz ( cooked buried in the zamin) for same reason-
Chef Sadaf Hussain

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Let's hope for a calm Saturday tomorrow, safe from storms of all sorts. Let us be calm, irrespective of any provocation. May the Almighty render peace to this land and justice to all her people. May he also grant the people the fortitude to accept any judgment, without looking to celebrate victory or mourn defeat. Let India win and emerge stronger. Jai Hind.

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It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste

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Some more thinking regarding :
1. This is not, and should not be allowed to become a news site.
2. Birdsite was all dominated by journalists and power brokers who had no interest in interacting with people, but just to get more reads and views.
3. Most of the verified accounts maintained elitism, and used birdsite as a PR medium.
4. After a while it became difficult for ordinary non-famous people to have a say in the whole discourse.

How can we make this platform diffrent? Suggest?

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