Il y a Internet et Internet par Orange, comme ils disent... :/

Le changelog de la dernière version de K9-Mail contient un bon #FacePalm (ce n'est pas tant la faute du dév hein)

Replacing Google Drive/Docs with #nextcloud going LCPP: (GNU/)Linux-Caddy-PostgreSQL-PHP

Want to try it? Here's one of the most extensive tutorials we've seen in a long time by

Julien, contributeur de Wikipédia - surtout autour du football: "Je trouvais ça stylé" (portraits de wikipédiens 3/4)

Using a headlamp to play videogames on a GBA in the dark to compensate for its lack of backlighting: check.

Protip : Au lieu de payer un lavage auto, prévoir un passage en Normandie. Testé et approuvé à l'instant par @ChatonPatate et moi-même.

For Debian and Ubuntu users looking for Synapse 0.33.3 packages, please note that we have pulled them temporarily to resolve dependency issues. More info:

#facebook dans ses œuvres.

Voilà pourquoi faut pas laisser les robots choisir quoi nous montrer qui serait censé nous intéresser.

Tor Browser 8.0a10, the second alpha based on Firefox ESR 60, includes major updates to the user onboarding experience, a revamped start page, and more.

Help us test it out before the stable release hits:

J'ai que des chats dans mon Mastodon. Je suis convaincu.

Just stumbled upon (via @triskeon) a Minecraft server plugin emulating the causes and consequences of global warming into the game:

The educational properties of pieces of software such as this one are amazing 🙂

:birdsite: refugee PSA!
Here's what to CW!
•graphic violence or gore
•sexual content/nudity
•hate topics (racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/etc)
•depression/suicide/mental health
•flashing video/gifs
•drug/alcohol use
I know that list seems long, but you'll get used to it soon enough!

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