**Drug-delivery microcapsules tagged with zirconium-89 can be tracked by PET imaging**

"Polymer and radionuclide chemists report major advance in microcapsule drug delivery systems. Their microcapsules -- labeled with radioactive zirconium-89 -- are the first example of hollow polymer capsules capable of long-term, multiday positron emission tomography imagin…"


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Jupiter seen from Ganymede. Also visible is Europa and Io.

Fun fact Jupiter has 79 moons. A 300 year old storm roughly the size of earth. A all killing magneto sphere which also makes lightning and auroras way bigger and stronger. And due to the pressures involved it sometimes rains diamonds on Jupiter.

INPUT TOOL: XP-Pen Deco pro Medium

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billion-dollar research prized for inventing the best carbon capture and sequestration tech

It's a TREE. You're trying to reinvent the tree. Just plant trees and stop fucking polluting.

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The Massive Genome of The Lungfish May Explain How We Made The Leap to Land ift.tt/35UujRs

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Landmark Study Identifies The Neurons Especially Vulnerable to Alzheimer's Disease ift.tt/35QoYLa

Health and its Hallmarks
At its simplest is the absence of a disease or disorder —and that is a negative definition — but two biologists Carlos López Otín and Guido Kroemer have decided to define health in positive terms. That is not any more as the absence of a disease but as the presence of the of . ✍🏻👀👁
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AI Drug Development (part 2)
Overview of my articles dedicated AI Design, Recruitment and Optimisation of Clinical Trials and Digital health (digital therapeutics, wearables and telemedicine) startups

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