Just saw a picture of a bengal cat under rainbow lights and the first thing I thought was 'I will never be as beautiful as this photograph'

I just explained Robbie Rotten to my husband and he says We Are Number One sounds like a ska break Reel Big Fish would play

I am learning to play guitar and today I learnt to play Free Love Freeway so I’ll probably just stop now.

Someone who knows me but whose number isn’t saved in my phone is evidently have a good Friday night cos they just called me and sang a rousing chorus of heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

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@babygotbell I swear Irregular Choice just makes shoes everyone wants to own but nobody wants to wear.

I walked over 5 miles today and am very tired and I know it’s because I did not have these shoes to walk them in.

Been playing this really lovely game called Vignettes lately. Things turning into things from different angles.

This zoo seems unorthodox. They gave the jaguars a shit load of catnip to try and get them in the mood for lovin. It’s amazing.

@babygotbell Jason and Howard are shy and aren’t getting involved. Gary and Robbie are really going for it. Nature is wild.

I’m watching this zoo documentary and there are these super rare frogs where the males need to “sing” to stimulate the females into mating, except the ones they have are terrible. So they’ve taken five of the male frogs and are playing them recordings of frog chirping, and named them after Take That.

I try and think of things as learning experiences but most of the time I think of them as confirming I’m a garbage person who doesn’t know what they’re doing and is terrible

I've just blocked twitter on my mac and phone because on good days its fine but on bad days it's baaaaad

I've started using lists to help structure my thinking but today I missed stuff off my list and feel bad about it :/

Although to be honest something called 'The Orient Express' should almost definitely not exist in 2017

I really want to go on the Orient Express to Venice but you have to wear fancy clothes and that, and I know if I turned up they would go 'Excuse me madame, but non.'

I did some stuff I found hard today. So I am proud of myself.

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