In my second week of school, and so far so good. Due to unforeseen events, I'm a little more behind this week than the first. But still with plenty of time. I had suspected the further into the term I got, the more complex (read: longer) the assignments and material would get. And it seems about right.

I'm hoping I can get back into some writing tonight or tomorrow night. I had put it off a bit.

What are you all up to this week?

On the other hand, we can't go too far and move into a cabin in the woods, as it says. And cut ourselves off.

It's a balance. A controlled fire.

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I have many songs that touch me in different ways. I don't always think of them as inspiring. But one I might define that way is Burning Bridges for Fuel by Nina Persson.

The song hits on ideas I believe in. I really do believe we sometimes have to burn bridges. Sometimes it's the best thing to do. To get away from toxic or negative relationships that are holding us back.

A former coworker: Hey Weaver, you're missed!

Me: I know.

I decided to do a write up with some behind the scenes info on my first book, Sweet Sixteen Killer. October 31st was the 1-year anniversary of the release of the book.

Read about some of the history of the book's making here:

Join the...

Another 2000+ words added to the story, and two more chapters completed. And erased a couple of the chapters from the outline because I determined I didn't need them. Which means... I'm inching closer and closer to the goal.

How are my folks doing?

I've also considered starting my own instance of Mastodon or the like, and inviting folks there. Only super close folks that really wanna share private stuff in a social network way. Photos of the kiddo, personal life stuff, etc.

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That said. Back when I wrote this, I was considering looking into email and phone number collection. And then pushing people to my email or Signal/Telegram/SMS via phone numbers.

Side note: @delta is cool. But I worry if non-users would hate it because the subject lines are awful.

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This post was written in 2018 and I still haven't gotten off Facebook. That's telling there. Someone gave me a boost and this has sparked more conversation on it, so thanks.

I was slow to respond, because I was doing some IRL social stuff. Took my son to go visit with my grandpa (his great grandpa). We were there for a few days and I just didn't have time to reply, though I'd read all the replies.

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ads are the worst. Earlier today I stopped following a Twitter account. Mainly just not interested in the company anymore.

This afternoon I open Facebook and their ad popped up in my timeline for the first time ever and I never followed them there.

Eff Meta.

I believe that the more we muddy the waters of a thing we are trying to discern the truth of, the far more likely it is we will never discern the truth of the thing.

I also believe there are people in power aware of this who purposefully muddy the waters to make the truth less discernable.

And just knocked out another chapter. Over 22,000 words now. Likely halfway mark. Yes, I write short books. Because I believe in them.

This chapter just won't quit me.

Finally finished this chapter at 3,382 words. Not super long, but super complicated.

My wee lad and I have been listening to the original Sherlock Holmes short stories in audiobook form. I'm always taken aback when the narrative uses the word "ejaculation" in place of "exclamation". Nothing like having Watson "ejaculate" mid-conversation with Holmes.

Ok. For like the thousandth time, I'm considering changing up how I do things and monetizing more directly in a Patreon-style way my writing (not a Patreon fan though). I've currently set up something with BuyMeACoffee and am now just trying to decide if I should pull the trigger.

I just really badly want to work towards making enough with my writing that I can start calling it my Day Job.

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