no image will ever make me laugh as much as the one of toad in an adult diaper

i’m sneaking around a train to avoid them checking my ticket lmao

i’ll inevitably end up making an instance with a very very silly name

when i was a childe i saw hercule/mr satan and thought “who is this rude fool stealing everyones credit” and now i realize he is the best character in dragon ball

me and my partner got matching necklaces like giant dorks hell yea

white mage is the only ff14 healer that i dont feel too dumb to play

the current ff14 event has people reliving the final days of 1.0 where tons of GM-spawned monsters descended on the cities and its very very good

i am 100% certain my dads current facebook profile picture is also one he used on grindr. its him shirtless under a waterfall and its the worst

the S train is all decorated with spider-man stuff i love it

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