Ras, dwa, tschy, tschterä, piensch, scheschtsch...dwadschischtschiescheschtsch....
Die Frau häkelt mal wieder.
Polnische Zahlen sind und bleiben ulkig.

Hin und wieder juckt mich ja der Interviewfinger.
Unlängst sprach ich mit Dr. Marc Hanefeld über Digitalisierung in der Medizin und Social Media, hier aus Sicht eines niedergelassenen Arztes für Familienmedizin in der nicht ganz so städtischen Umgebung.

The wifey requested another broody one, this time with a bit more Oomph and "claws". Not sure, if I delivered with the "claws" part but well.
Here's "The Abyss".


Played around with soundtracks/scores again a bit.
The result is kinda moody, thoughtful, sad and I am not actually completely unhappy with it.

Ladies and gentlemen...we have lift...well...a liftoff date!

Back to creating tracks for my upcoming album "Infinity" again after a short break for a couple of days. Sometimes it's just what you need to get it all in the right flow again if you hit a snag: just take a break, return later and get back into the game.

It happens rarely, that I like my own stuff. I am my own worst critic. With the upcoming album "Infinity" I even have a favourite track, though. "Infinity" and my favourite track "Cloud Burst" will be released on the usual platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.) soon.

Nur, falls die "Des hatts friiher net gebb!"-Fraktion des örtlichen Linksgrün-Clubs Oer-Erkenschwick wieder was von nie da gewesenen Wetterkapriolen erzählen möchte: 1968 verwüstet ein Tornado Pforzheim, zerstört Häuser und verursacht 100 Millionen DM Schaden.

Ich versuche ja wirklich, mich an so Zeugs wie "Triggerwarnungen" und co zu halten.
Aber ganz ehrlich: life is life. Das Leben ist kein verfickter scheiß Ponyhof und schont niemanden. So zu tun, als gäbs dies, das und jenes nicht, macht es nicht automagisch besser.
Deal with it.

In the short time my tracks are available on Spotify I've apparently had 71 listeners, 78 streams, 6 saves and someone added some of my tracks to their playlist. I guess, it could have gone a lot worse :)
Check me out on Spotify, will you?

In today's post I rambled on about how music can take us on a journey and how that is what my upcoming album "Infinity" aims at doing.
Work on is going great and I already have 9 tracks down. Check the preview below the post for a sneak peek.

The amount of time one can spend on something so technically simple as a HiHat sound, is just amazing.
I've rambled on about it a bit in today's blog post about working on my new album "Infinity".

I want to try something with this album.
I want to share a bit of the creation experience by sharing tiny tidbits and insights on my music blog.

Sneak Preview.
You can witness the very first breaths being drawn by my new album.
Finished the album cover. In the background: very raw impression of the first track of the album (track ain't even finished yet ^^).

My new single "Prometheus".
Spotify Pre-save here: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/badi
Soon available for streaming on all the usual platforms.

I'm creating a presentation for internal training and just referred to a JIRA function as "mainly interesting for devolvers and such".

Dear friends...I didn't mean anything by it, I swear!

Looking intro @DistroKid
now to get my noize out there, everywhere.
One funny gadget they have made me
giggle, you can make a "Marcel!" clip with your own music!

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