Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +🔥
Name: Fire
Description: Sets the channel on fire. As the fire progresses and the channel begins to collapse, joined users will be killed at random with increasing frequency. Users who speak on the channel will inhale smoke and increase their risk of being killed. Any joined user can set this mode, but only channel operators can unset it. Once a channel has been on fire for more than 2 minutes, this mode cannot be unset until the channel is emptied and recreated.

Mode Type: User (server)
Letter: +🏹
Name: Sniper
Description: Can only be set by network operators. Gives the user the ability to enact kicks and bans in any channel, but only if they are not joined to the channel in question at the time.

Mode Type: Extban
Letter: 🅾️
Name: Virgin Blood
Description: Matches users whose blood has never previously been used in a rite, ritual, working, ministration, or séance. Virgin Blood status is also permanently removed when the Cursed (+⚰️) usermode is set on the user in question, or when the user is killed by a channel bearing Haunted (+👻) mode. Virgin Blood status is temporarily negated by Diseased (+🤢) mode, but is reinstated after Diseased mode is removed.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +💳
Name: Botnet
Description: Designates a channel as a command & control hub for devices under the remote control of malicious software. All users joined to the channel are exempted from network bans and cannot be killed. Once set, cannot be unset. Implies +P (Permanent) and +s (Secret).

Mode Type: Extban
Letter: +💪
Name: Shirtless
Description: Matches users who are currently not wearing a shirt.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +α
Name: Alphabetize
Description: Signifies to clients that messages exchanged with the channel should not be sorted chronologically in the client's UI, as is typical, but alphabetically by message contents.

Mode Type: extban
Letter: :🤧
Name: Sick
Description: Matches all users who currently suffer from at least one symptomatic viral, bacterial, or conceptual/memetic disease. Includes users with the Diseased (+🤢) mode set.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +D
Name: Dvorak
Description: Messages sent to channels with this mode set have their letter positions automatically swapped, such that messages typed in Dvorak on a QWERTY keyboard will be correct, and vice versa.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +~
Name: Half-wave rectifier
Description: Messages sent to this channel will only be relayed if they arrive during the positive cycle of the server's AC mains hookup. Servers with no AC connection will always relay lines in this mode.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +E
Name: Remote Code Execute
Description: Passes all lines sent to the channel directly to a FORTRAN 77 compiler and executes the resulting binaries as root on the IRC server.

Mode Type: User (Server)
Letter: +Ⓥ
Name: Vegan
Description: Denotes that a user is vegan, thus saving them the trouble of telling everyone they meet. Replaces QUIT and PART messages with "User is Vegan" and prepends "Ⓥ " to all outgoing messages.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +♻
Name: Recyclable
Description: Accompanied by an integer value from 1 to 7, indicating that the channel is composed of a recyclable resin and additionally specifying the type of polymer.

Mode Type: User (Server)
Letter: +👹
Name: Evil
Description: Indicates that the user intends to make malicious/exploitative use of the IRC network, similar to XMPP XEP-0076.

Mode Type: User
Letter: +潭敤
Name: UTF-merge
Description: Users with this mode set have all outgoing messages encoded as UTF-8, and then decoded as UTF-16.

Mode Type: User (Server)
Letter: +📱
Name: Mobile
Description: Marks user as connecting from a smartphone. Appends "Sent from my phone." to all messages. Also enables CTCP TYPING and CTCP SEEN for supported clients to allow NOTICE-based typing notifications and read receipts.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +🤖
Name: Bots Only
Description: Only bots (+B) and halfbots (+β) can join channels with this mode.

Mode Type: User (Server)
Letter: +🤢
Name: Diseased
Description: Users who send any PRIVMSG containing the current nickname of a Diseased user will also become Diseased. Only network opers who are not Diseased can unset this mode.

Mode Type: User
Letter: +🤧
Name: Laryngitis
Description: Users with this mode applied on a channel will have all messages sent to that channel stripped of characters without Unicode ˢᵘᵖᵉʳˢᶜʳⁱᵖᵗ equivalents (e.g. C,F,Q,S,X,Y,Z, and q, as well as most non-Latin alphabets). Other characters will be replaced with their superscript equivalents.

Mode Type: Channel
Letter: +✖
Name: Fivebidden
Description: Marks a channel as Fivebidden (forbidden+1). Users who attempt to join a Fivebidden channel will be immediately killed and GZLined from the network. All services accounts associated with the user in question will be deleted, and any channels that user was present in will have all joined users marked as Cursed (+⚰).

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