Still the best "turn it on and hack" song ever. It's the Ravel's Bolero of Electronica.

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@badtuple I'm surprised that I'm surprised that someone else also has "turn it on and hack" kind of music :) This one's ain't bad, I like it! Mine is the "Dethalbum" by Dethklok (it's a metal self-parody, so lyrics are wa-a-y over the top, but they aren't distracting to me).

@minoru nice! I'm really enjoying this. Parody aside, its also just good music. I might have to watch Metalocalypse now.

@badtuple Just so you know, there are two more albums :) Although the third one isn't as energetic as the first two, in my opinion.

And I actually never watched the show. If you do, please tell me if it's any good!

Speaking of music-related animation, "Beck" (an anime) was excellent: gripping, interesting, and with outstanding main theme that I still listen to from time to time.

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